Certificate in Health Services Management and Leadership

About the Certificate Program

Up-to-date knowledge and skills in the administration and leadership of health care services are critical in today’s constantly and rapidly changing environment. The Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management and Leadership, housed within the Hauptmann School of Public Affairs, prepares students and practicing health care leaders to enhance their professional skills to meet new health care policy and practice challenges. The program focuses on critical thinking and problem solving in today’s health care environment.

Admission Requirements

  • Completion of required coursework with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Students must submit an essay describing their academic and career background, and reasons why they wish to pursue the Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management and Leadership.
  • An Application for Graduation is required before a completion statement is posted to the transcript. Students must return the completed form with the appropriate fee.


The curriculum consists of two foundation courses (6 credit hours) and two theory integration courses (6 credit hours).

Required: 12 Hours, 3.0 GPA
Foundation courses 6 cr.

  • HA 511 Leadership and Management in Healthcare Systems 3 cr.
  • HA 518 Organization of Healthcare Delivery Systems 3 cr.

Theory integration courses (select two courses): 6 cr.

  • HA 509 Management of Health Information Systems 3 cr.
  • HA 515 Marketing and Consumer-Driven Healthcare 3 cr.
  • HA 516 Healthcare Finance 3 cr.
  • HA 517 Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare Administration 3 cr.
  • HA 521 Special Topics in Healthcare Administration 1 to 3 cr.
  • HA 532 Healthcare Services and Systems for Diverse Populations 3 cr.
  • HA 533 Managerial Epidemiology 3 cr.
  • HA 537 The Policy and Politics of Healthcare 3 cr.
  • HA 557 Nursing Dimensions of Healthcare Administration 3 cr.
  • HA 573 Quality Improvement and Outcomes Assessment 3 cr.
  • HA 603 Healthcare Research Methods for Managerial Decision-Making 3 cr.
  • HA 604 Healthcare Economics and Payment Systems 3 cr.
  • HA 611 Mediation, Negotiation and Conflict Management 3 cr.
  • HA 615 Healthcare Strategic Management 3 cr.
Total: 12 credits