Master of Education

Admission Requirements

Each applicant must hold a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited United States institution of higher learning or four years of equivalent full-time college work from an accredited foreign institution.

The minimum undergraduate grade point average (GPA) required for admission is 3.00 on a 4.00 scale. Individual programs may require appropriate entrance test scores such as the GRE or GMAT. Although entrance test scores by themselves do not constitute the sole or final criterion for granting or denying admission to any student, each program that uses test scores will consider them, in combination with other criteria, as an essential part of the requirements for granting full admission.

Applicants who hold a master's degree are not required to submit scores on GRE or GMAT.

Admission may be withdrawn if it was granted on the basis of substantially incorrect information or on the omission of relevant facts, which, if known at the time of the admission, would have resulted in denial. In order to complete the application process, applicants must submit to the Graduate School the following documents unless otherwise indicated by policy:

  • An application for graduate admission.
  • An application fee.
  • An official transcript of the bachelor's degree sent to the Graduate School by the issuing institution.
  • An official record of the score on the aptitude portions of the GRE or GMAT, whichever is appropriate, and when required, sent directly to the Graduate School by the testing agency.

Appealing Admission Denials

An applicant who has been denied admission to a graduate education program may appeal the decision to the Committee for Selection, Admission, Retention, and Appeals (CSARA). The appeal shall be submitted in writing to the Chair of the CSARA using the appropriate appeal form. Documentation supporting the appeal must accompany the appeal form where applicable. Additional information related to the appeals process may be obtained from the School of Education office.

Off-Campus Cohort Format

To apply for a program held at an off-campus cohort, please call (800) 946-9802 or e-mail for more information. You can also view available programs and locations or begin the Student Application Checklist.