Criminal Justice Administration

Associate of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

The major in criminal justice administration is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the complete criminal justice system within society in the United States. There are three areas of concentration the student can choose from which to build on the core curriculum: Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Security. Providing a comprehensive understanding from a theoretical, philosophical, and practical perspective, the program provides a broad background for over 40 basic career opportunities in the criminal justice system, both in the public and private sectors, at the local, state, national, and international levels.

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Full Credit Hour Requirements for Associate of Science Degree 

A.S. Major – 27 hours, 2.0 GPA
Core Curriculum
3 cr. - CJ 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice Administration
3 cr. - CJ 105 Criminal Law
3 cr. - CJ 200 Criminology
3 cr. - CJ 221 Criminal Procedure
3 cr. - CJ 231 Introduction to Law Enforcement.
3 cr. - CJ 232 Introduction to Corrections
3 cr. - CJ 233 Introduction to Security
3 cr. - CJ 311 Criminal Investigation
3 cr. - CJ 345 Criminal Justice and the Community
27 cr. - TOTAL

Special Admission Requirements