Peace Journalism

Minor in Peace Journalism


Peace Journalism Minor Curriculum 21 cr.
LE300 Peace Journalism
3 cr.
CA201 Media Writing and Reporting 3 cr.
CA316 Advanced media writing and reporting 3 cr.
PC200 Introduction to peace studies 3 cr.
CA404 Special topics: Peace Journalism apprenticeship (independent study)
3 cr.
CA235 Multicultural communication 3 cr.

Peace Journalism Learning Outcomes

  1. Evaluate how the media affect the prospects for conflict and peacemaking.
  2. Evaluate how different religious, social, economic, cultural, ethical, racial/ethnic, ecological, and political/governmental systems affect the prospects for conflict and peacemaking.
  3. Evaluate the peace journalism vs. traditional journalism debate, and synthesize logical conclusions as to the appropriateness, efficacy, and ethics of the peace journalism approach.
  4. Produce international/peace themed journalistic products that reflect a thorough understanding of the differences, and interconnectedness, of various religions, cultures, economic and political systems, and societies.