Information and Computer Science

About the Information and Computer Science Program

So you're looking for the right computer department? You've come to the right place!

Outstanding Teachers

We make sure our teachers have the right blend of real-world experience and academic experience. The real-world experience pays off in their being able to relate concepts found in books to applications found in industry.

The academic experience pays off in their being able to effectively communicate what they know. At some larger universities, research comes first and that can be to the detriment of teaching.

On the other hand, here at Park, teaching comes first. The faculty work extremely hard to ensure the best possible computer education.

Program Flexibility

Our home campus offers a traditional university experience with 16-week daytime courses. Our extended campus centers offer 8-week weekend/evening courses for students who prefer an accelerated format. Our extended campus centers are located throughout the United States as well as on the Internet.

Our ICS BS degree offers programs in several different areas: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Data Management, and Networking. Additionally, we offer an AS degree in Computer Science. At the extended campus centers in the Kansas City area, we offer an accelerated BS program: Computer Based Information Systems, and at the Parkville campus, a minor in Computer Science.

Preparation for the Real World

Things change fast in the computer world. To keep pace with the changes, we update our programs on a regular basis. We teach current technologies such as Java, C++, VB.NET, and Linux throughout our curricula. In addition, in our web-oriented courses, we teach various Web-based technologies like XHTML, dynamic HTML, JavaScript, JSP, and ASP.NET.

We have a strong tradition of placing students in internship positions. That provides students with an invaluable opportunity to take what they learn in the classroom and apply it to the real world. It also provides students with an opportunity to get their foot in the door for possible future full-time positions.

By staying current with technology and by helping our students get real-world experience, our department is able to consistently produce highly marketable graduates.


Despite the rigor of the program (and rigor is indeed a part of the program), our students enjoy their studies and their surroundings. With small class sizes and a casual environment, they're able to maximize their learning as well as have a good time. Adding to the positive atmosphere is the scenic, century-old home campus.

The home campus sits atop the wooded bluffs of the Mighty Mo (that's the Missouri River, in case you're not from these parts) in historic Parkville, Missouri. Parkville's mix of ethnic eateries and small-town charm makes students from around the world feel right at home.

And for students that crave the metropolitan scene every now and then, downtown Kansas City is only fifteen minutes away.


With all the pluses described above (great teachers, top-notch programs, small class sizes), you'd probably expect high prices. Think again. High quality and affordability go hand-in-hand at Park. For starters, our tuition is low. Couple that with scholarship opportunities and Park is one of the best bargains you'll find anywhere. If you're interested in reducing your costs further, feel free to sign up for Park's work-study program. With the work-study program, you'll be given the opportunity to learn about the computer field while doing computer-related work for the department and we'll pay you for your efforts. What a deal!

Return on Investment

Park University has been recognized in the 2016 PayScale College ROI Report as being one of the top private colleges/universities in the country offering the best annual return on investment (ROI). And Park's computer science majors in particular have done well: Not including financial aid, CS majors living on campus and living off campus ranked No. 2 at 11.6 percent and 15.0 percent ROI, respectively. With financial aid included, CS majors living off campus ranked No. 2 at 11.8 percent ROI.