CA324 - Advanced Multimedia Production

Students in Advanced Multimedia Production will develop their audio, video, and online multimedia production skills. This class will help you develop basic production skills that will prepare you for work on student media as well as internships at media outlets and public relations firms. This is a hands-on video laboratory course. You will produce a number of projects, both written and digital, to demonstrate your mastery of production. You will learn broadcast writing, shooting, editing, newsgathering, studio operations, multimedia platforms, as well as techniques used to produce professional promotional products. As part of your work in the course, students will have a weekly on-air shift at KGSP-FM, Park University’s student-run radio station.

Credit hours: 3.0
Lecture hours: 3.0


  • CA202 - Fundamentals of Writing for Media
  • CA224 - Digital Media Skills

Course Notes:

  • Also listed CA 316 as a recommended prerequisite

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