EDC355A - Social and Emotional Learning in Early Childhood-Part 1

Students must enroll and successfully complete part 2 within the next term or repeat EDC 355A. This course will examine the theories that support the problem solving approach to guiding young children’s behavior in the early childhood classroom and/or setting. The adult role in developing relationships of mutual trust and respect and helping young children see themselves as a member of a learning community will be emphasized. Developmentally appropriate strategies, including preventive strategies, will be explored.

Credit hours: 2.0
Lecture hours: 2.0

Course Notes:

  • Prerequisite: Admission to the School of Education. Concurrent enrollment in EDC 354, EDC 363 and EDC 373. Concurrent Enrollment in: EDC 354A: Observation, Assessment and Screening in ECE: Part 1 EDC 363A: Integrating the Curriculum-PreK: Part 1 EDC 358: Early Childhood Program Management 16-week EDC 373 Pre-primary Practicum for ECE Certification or Teaching Young Children OR PERMISSION OF Coordinator or Chair 286

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