HIS453 - Senior Writing Capstone

All Military History Majors are required to complete a one term (8-week) senior writing capstone under the guidance of a full-time Park University history faculty member. The capstone applies sustained, independent research, including: formulating a historical question, historical methodology, devising research strategy, and evaluating primary and secondary sources. Completion with grade of ā€œCā€ of higher is required. The written capstone project shall be at least 5,000-to-6,250 words on an appropriate and approved topic of military history. The research must be original and based on primary and secondary sources. The writing style must be I compliance with the current edition of the Chicago Manual of Style for all work submitted. This course will satisfy the EN 306 requirement for Military History Majors.

Credit hours: 3.0
Lecture hours: 3.0


  • EN105 - First Year Writing Seminar I: Critical Reading, Writing and Thinking Across Contexts (C)
  • EN106 - First Year Writing Seminar II: Academic Research and Writing (C)

Course Notes:

  • Completion of 90 credit hrs. is required

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