SO 307 (PS 307) - Statistics for Social Sciences

Statistical methods are a primary tool for all of the social and behavioral sciences. This course introduces a wide variety of common statistical techniques and their conceptual bases, including: basic descriptive and inferential statistics, analyses of association and variance, effect sizes, and others in their parametric and nonparametric forms. It provides a background in the relevant theories of probability, sampling, and measurement. And the student will learn how to become a more discerning consumer of statistical information as well as gaining practical experience calculating these statistics by hand and computer.

Credit hours: 3.0
Lecture hours: 3.0

Course Notes:

  • Prerequisites: MA 135 or MA 120 and an introductory social science class (i.e., SO 141, PS 101, CJ 100, or SW 205) and PS/SO 300.

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