School of Liberal Arts

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The Department of Communication, Journalism and Public Relations offers two related majors.

  1. Multimedia Journalism and Public Relations
  2. Communication Studies

These majors are designed to prepare students for success in professional fields and/or graduate study. Students do this in an environment which combines hands-on learning with great ideas. The program is designed as an extension of the liberal arts approach of Park University because the liberal arts approach is perfect for journalism and communication education in these dynamic times. In the liberal arts environment a student learns to think, to lead, to innovate, to appreciate, to criticize and to develop a deeper sense of what it is to be a citizen of the world and the community. Students will be actively involved in each of the professions during their academic careers. They may write, design, edit or photograph for the student newspaper, The Stylus, or hold an air shift for the student radio stations, KGSP-FM. They may be actively involved in public relations campaigns and they may become campus leaders through the Communication Connection.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - $_EscapeTool.xml($degreeTitle.value)

48 Hours
2.0 GPA

This degree requires a minimum of 122 hours. For additional hours required see Academic Degree Programs Requirements

Required Minor: 18 credits. Choose a minor from a different discipline.

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21 Hours
2.0 GPA

Public Relations Minor

*Communication Studies Majors choose three electives from Multimedia Journalism and Public Relations major instead of CA 237, CA 382, and CA 475. Speak with faculty advisor for assistance.

**For those students wishing to teach Journalism: See also Bachelor of Science in Education.

B.S.E. in Secondary Education – MAJOR 48-50 Hours

2.75 Cum G.P.A.

2.75 Core G.P.A.

Visual Communication
CA202 Fundamentals of Writing for Media 3