Graphic Design

School of Liberal Arts

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Students majoring in Graphic Design produce most of their work in the digital environment of Park University’s fully equipped Macintosh studio. Today, most artists earn a living by producing a wide range of visual materials for publication. Graphic Design students learn visual communication, typography, layout, illustration and photography while building professional quality design portfolios. Instruction models conditions in the professional environment. Internship opportunities in graphic design firms and other professional settings provide real world experience and a transition to the world beyond the campus.

All graduating art and design majors are required to individually document (either by means of color slide photography or digital photography) selected examples of their best work. These final portfolios are to be submitted to their major advisors as part of their Senior Seminar. These slides, CDs, zip disks, etc. will remain the property of the Department of Art, Design and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Art Supplies
Art and Design majors must plan, when preparing their yearly educational budgets, to spend at least $250 per semester on art supplies. All studio art courses require varying amounts of personal equipment and supplies. Studio fees collected at registration for some art courses provide only a portion of the supplies needed. Supply lists will be provided on the first day of classes.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) - Graphic Design

66 Hours
2.0 GPA

This degree requires a minimum of 120 hours. For additional hours required see Academic Degree Programs Requirements

Electives (9 hours from the courses below)
AR313 Independent Study in Art or Design 6
AR315 Special Topics in Art or Design 3
AR341 Photography II 3
AR415 Internship in Art or Design 3

CS151 Introduction to Programming 3
KCASE - Kansas City Area Student Exchange

Minor - Graphic Design

21 Hours
2.0 GPA

*Students required to pass any of these courses as part of their major must substitute them with other ART courses with the approval of the Art & Design department Chair.