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The Spanish Major is designed to assist students in the acquisition of this language as a tool of communication to be utilized in the local, national, and global communities. Along with the study of the Spanish language, the study of the Hispanic and indigenous cultures is an integral part of the program. The emphasis of this program is cultural studies and the development of skills for communication in the present day world. The study of literature will serve as a vehicle to a better understanding of the language and culture.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Spanish

42 Hours
2.0 GPA

This degree requires a minimum of 122 hours. For additional hours required see Academic Degree Programs Requirements

Minor - Spanish

18 Hours
2.5 GPA

Students with a good high school background in Spanish are encouraged to start their studies at the 200-level. In this case, students may take 300-level courses in order to complete the minor. Credit for Elementary Spanish I and II may be granted by examination, i.e. AP or “end-of-course examination.” The Modern Language Placement test may be utilized for students who are uncertain about the appropriate starting point for their studies. The Spanish Minor is designed to assist students in gaining proficiency in oral and written communication in this world language, along with a solid understanding of Hispanic cultures. Students majoring in Business Administration with an International Business emphasis and English with a Language and Literature concentration should consider the completion of this minor.