Master of Business Administration

MBA Program

The Master of Business Administration (MBA), founded in 1998, is offered through the School of Business at Park University. Whether you are advancing through the ranks of an international corporation or re-entering the workplace to join a small non-profit agency, the business skills and tools developed in the Park MBA program are vital for success in today's fast-paced business environment.

The Park MBA degree may be earned on-campus, online, or a combination of either option. Enrolling in the online MBA program provides flexibility in when and where learning takes place without sacrificing rigor and academic excellence.

The MBA curriculum consists of 21 hours of core courses designed to provide a broad education covering the major functional areas of business. MBA students have the option to choose from five different concentrations.

Degree Requirements Hours
MBA 515 Accounting for Management Decisions 3 cr.
MBA 522 Organizational Behavior and Leadership 3 cr.
MBA 524 Business Law and Ethics 3 cr.
MBA 615 Managerial Finance 3 cr.
MBA 674 Quantitative Analysis for Management Decisions 3 cr.
MBA 695 Strategic Management 3 cr.
TOTALS 21 credits
Electives (choose four)
General (No Concentration)
ACC 510 Accounting Research and Analysis 3 cr.
ACC 613 Understanding Auditing and Control Mechanisms 3 cr.
ACC 617 Advanced Managerial Accounting Issues 3 cr.
ACC 626 Management Accounting Leadership - Role of the Chief Financial Officer 3 cr.
FIN 621 Advanced Corporate Finance 3 cr.
FIN 625 International Finance 3 cr.
FIN 640 Investment Management 3 cr.
FIN 641 Fixed Income Securities 3 cr.
FIN 642 Financial Derivatives 3 cr.
FIN 643 Entrepreneurial Finance 3 cr.
FIN 644 Financial Markets and Institutions 3 cr.
HRM 634 Planning and Staffing 3 cr.
HRM 635 Training Development and Evaluation 3 cr.
HRM 636 Change Management and Conflict Resolution 3 cr.
HRM 637 Compensation Management 3 cr.
IB 525 Entrepreneurship in the Global Economy 3 cr.
IB 610 Advanced Seminar in International Marketing 3 cr.
IB 660 Strategic Global Business Management 3 cr.
MBA 507 International Economics 3 cr.
MBA 509 Economic Development 3 cr.
MBA 520 Entrepreneurial Project Management 3 cr.
MBA 575 Marketing Research Strategies 3 cr.
MBA 611 Green Marketing 3 cr.
MBA 616 Advanced Managerial Accounting 3 cr.
MBA 620 Leadership in Organizations 3 cr.
MBA 633 Human Resource Management 3 cr.
MBA 655 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management 3 cr.
MBA 670 Special Topics in Business 3 cr.
MBA 675 Entrepreneurship Seminar 3 cr.
MIS 605 Management Information Systems 3 cr.
MIS 606 Strategic Information Systems 3 cr.
MIS 607 Systems Analysis and Design 3 cr.
MIS 608 Topics in Information Systems 3 cr.
MIS 609 Database Management Systems 3 cr.
PM 690 Integration, Scope, and Quality Management 3 cr.
PM 691 Time and Cost Management 3 cr.
PM 692 Communications, Risk, and Stakeholder Management 3 cr.
PM 693 Human Resource and Procurement Management 3 cr.
QM 680 Quality Improvement Overview 3 cr.
QM 681 Quality Improvement: Theories, Models, and Methodologies 3 cr.
QM 682 Quality Management Tools 3 cr.
QM 683 Advanced Topics in Quality and Leadership Challenges 3 cr.