Advisory Council

The Advisory Council was established in June 2009 to assist the Program of History, in a voluntary capacity, to recruit and retain students, review curriculum, promote scholarship, advice on internship opportunities, and prepare for an academic program review.

Members of the Advisory Council
  • Amber Ables, Student, President of Zeta Omicron
  • Courtney Culp, Adjunct and Alumni, Co-Chair
  • Teresa Faller, Administrator, United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc.
  • Katherine Fox, Adjunct
  • Jody Manchion, Assistant Registrar
  • Dr. Jutta Pegues, Assistant Professor of History (Online)
  • Wendi Reinwald, Alumni
  • Mary Joanne Reist, Adjunct
  • Dr. Debra Sheffer, Associate Professor of History (Portfolio)
  • Alana Smith, Director, Westport Historical Society and Harris-Kearney House Museum
  • Vincent Smith, Alumni
  • Jon Sobbe, Alumni
  • Stephen Spence, Archivist Technician, National Archives and Records Administration—Central Plains Region
  • Ryan Wagner, Alumni
  • Kenneth Watras, Adjunct
  • Dr. Timothy Westcott, Associate Professor of History; Chair, Department of Culture and Society; and Co-Chair