Human Resource Management

Mission Statement

The mission of the Human Resource Management Program in Park University’s School of Business is to prepare students with theoretical, quantitative, and practical backgrounds so they can develop and use valid and reliable human resource management instruments and practices. Students are equipped to make decisions that are fair, ethical and compliant with employment regulations, while serving the organization and stakeholders.

Vision Statement

The Human Resource Management Program of Park University’s School of Business will be the program of choice for a diversity of learners in a flexible format. We will continuously refine our curriculum and instructional methods so students may show demonstrable improvement throughout their degree program.

Human Resource Management Program Academic Goals and Competencies Goals

  1. Demonstrate the ability to reason and discuss issues and employ critical thinking skills.
  2. Be able to integrate business policy and strategy knowledge and to apply professional expertise and ethics at all levels.
  3. Demonstrate a working knowledge of data integration and research methodology and their role in the HRM decision making process.


  1. Identify issues involved with acquiring human resources including job analysis, HR planning, equal opportunity laws, recruitment and selection.
  2. Identify issues related to developing, evaluating, and rewarding human resources via training, performance management, and compensation systems.
  3. Recommend preferred methods of selection based on organizational needs and environmental conditions.
  4. Define ways to measure the effectiveness of methods used for selection and placement of human resources.
  5. Distinguish ways in which employees assess the fairness of a compensation structure.
  6. Identify internal and external variables involved in establishing compensation systems.
  7. Describe how to measure employee behaviors and performance.
  8. Identify criteria for determining the effectiveness of performance measures.