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Meet the Alumni Council Members

The Alumni Council is the governing board of the Alumni Association. It is comprised of alumni from all decades and programs. The council meets a minimum of three times per year. The Annual Meeting of the Alumni Association is held on the Parkville campus in June.

The current bylaws of the Alumni Association were revised and accepted by a vote of the Alumni Association during the Annual Alumni Association Meeting on June 22, 2012, on the Parkville campus. Additional revisions were made at the annual meeting June 21, 2013.

Meeting Dates:

July 27, 2013
October 26, 2013
February 1, 2014
May 10, 2014

Annual Meeting: June 28, 2014



Jeff McKinney, ‘81

Round Rock, Texas
Exp. 2014 (Pres.)
Exp. 2016 (Immediate Past President)

A letter from the AA President

Toni Madeira, ’88
Kansas City, MO.
Exp. 2016

Kathryn Phillips Hernandez, '83
Saint Joseph, Mo.
Exp. 2015

Immediate Past President/
    Board of Trustees representative
Susan Kensett McGaughey, '74
Olathe, Kans.
Exp. 2014


David Barclay, ‘53
Overland Park, Kans.
Exp. 2014

Nick Casale, '71
Parkville, Mo.
Exp. 2015

Bob Dandridge, ‘04
New Baden, Ill.
Exp. 2014

Duane Davidson, ’03, MPA ‘00
Liberty, Mo.
Exp. 2013

David Ehrlich, ‘00
Dumfries, Va.
Exp. 2013

Jay Flaherty, '71
Kansas City, Mo.
Exp. 2016

Karen Peters Frankenfeld, '59
Bella Vista, Ark.
Exp. 2014

Michelle Gaiewski, '10
Cedar Park, Texas
Exp. 2014

Sarah Hopkins-Chery, '07, MA '09
Parkville, Mo.
Exp. 2015

LaKeisha Johnson, ’08, MPA '12
Independence, MO
Exp. 2013

Edna Martinson, '12
Kansas City, Mo.
Exp. 2016

Betsy Streeter Porter, '62
Holiday Isle, Ark.
Exp. 2016


Additional Committee Volunteers:

Dan Durrer, '04
Amber Steele,'10
Monica Zavala, '12


Staff Liaison:
Julie McCollum
Director of Alumni Relations
ex officio member


If you are interested in volunteering to help with alumni activities or in being considered for membership on the Alumni Council please contact the Alumni Director.

2013-14 Alumni Association Committee Assignments

Committees meet throughout the year, between Alumni Council meetings, to do the actual work of the Alumni Association. Communication is handled through email and teleconferencing as well as face-to-face when necessary. Committee members are not required to be Council members.

Lakeisha Johnson, chair
Duane Davidson
Bob Dandridge
Jay Flaherty
Monica Zavala
Amber Steele



Susan Kensett McGaughey, co-chair
Kathryn Phillips Hernandez, co-chair
Jeff McKinney
Edna Martinson

David Barclay


 Alumni Programs:
Sarah Hopkins-Chery, chair
Dan Durrer, vice chair

Michelle Gaaiewski
Nick Casale

Karen Frankenfeld
Betsy Porter
David Ehrlich



Toni Madeira, chair
Jeff McKinney