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Alumni Council Meeting Minutes

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JULY 24, 2010 
Parkville Campus

President Susan Kensett McGaughey, ’74, called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.
Roll call included the following members present: 
Jay Flaherty, Nancy Greinke, LaKeisha Johnson, Toni Madeira, President Susan McGaughey, Cynthia Null, Denzil Ross, and by teleconference: David Ehrlich, Kyle Hoffman, and Jeff McKinney. Also present: Julie McCollum and Laurie McCormack, staff members. Council members David Barclay, Michael Newburger and Michael Hurley reported they were unable to attend. Other members need to notify the Alumni Office when they are not available for a meeting. 
Minutes from the June 22 meeting were approved as read. 
Treasurer’s report: Jay Flaherty announced a balance of $1599.22 in regular checking account. At the suggestion of Jay, a motion was made to move some of the interest ($640.72) from the Alumni Association Endowment Fund into the Marlowe Sherwood account to equal $500.00 for a fall scholarship. The remainder of the interest would be added to the checking account. Motion carried. 
VP for Advancement Report: Laurie McCormack thanked the Council for sponsoring the Founders Day table. 

·         University enrollments are up, the 5.5 million debt was paid and there is the possibility of small staff raises. 

·         Fort Bliss Military Base is doubling the campus size and has asked Park to enlarge iour Campus Center. This would open in January of 2011. 

·         The Dean of the School of Business has resigned to take a new job, and the search committee is looking for a replacement. 

·         Staff Changes in assignments include – for University Advancement, Alisha Coggins is now the Special Events Coordinator. She will serve 1//2 time with Alumni events, ½ time will other Advancement events. And a full time Administrative Assistant will be added to the alumni staff. Applications are being accepted now.

·         The Norrington Window Campaign hopes to finish by early fall. At present there is a matching fund opportunity by an anonymous source. 

·         Upcoming events include visits by University President, Michael Droge to new cities and a return to cities already visited. 

·         The Higher Learning Commission will be coming to Park in October. 

·         A member of the Alumni Council may be asked to serve on The NEW STRATEGIC FIVE YEAR PLANNING COMMISSION. 

Directors Report: Julie McCollum, Director of Alumni Relations 
Michael Hurley was unable to attend the meeting, but joined the Montana Dinosaur dig, and was supportive of the event being repeated.


·         The next Park University Magazine will be coming in October, with a special issue celebrating the One Hundredth Anniversary of the first Alumniad. 

·         Julie explained how to connect through Park University’s alumni website to Facebook, a new feature of the online alumni community, known as PirateLink.

·         Upcoming events were discussed.

·         New T-shirts for graduates were created, a red T-Shirt with the statement ONCE A STUDENT, FOREVER AN ALUMNI. These shirts are selling for $15.00. 

·         Drainage repairs behind Park House are finished.

·         The University Office of Advancement has been renovated, with new carpet and paint. 

·         The Track will be resurfaced at a cost of $100,000.00. 
Alumni Council Membership: Susan McGaughey 
Jay Flaherty agreed to continue as Treasurer. 
Cynthia Null agreed to become secretary. A motion was made 2nd and passed to accept the officers. 

Susan announced that she would like to postpone electing a vice president.

Crystal Holthouse was voted onto the council at the annual meeting. However, she has decided she can not serve at this time.
Old Business: 
  Alumni Weekend review, Julie McCollum: The following were comments made by Alumni. 

  1. They liked having the Awards Banquet in Commons 
  2. Liked the Park Sing 
  3. Some preferred a vintage movie, rather than a newer one. Others were happy with “The Blind Side”. 
  4. Many would like new Park merchandise to purchase 
  5. The Alumni Association Annual Meeting in the Chapel presented acoustical problems which need to be solved. People had trouble hearing the speakers. Also, there was some discussion about incorporating the President’s message into the meeting, without having a break in between. 
  6. There is the desire to involve alumni from Fort Bliss and other campuses, non-traditional graduates and on-line learners with Alumni Weekend.
  7. Julie reported that $8000 less was spent on the weekend by having the banquet and other activities on campus. 
  8. Toni Madeira suggested having Alumni involved in workshops, perhaps a career seminar for those looking for jobs. 

Norrington Windows Update:
The Norrington Windows letter campaigns to raise funds for the Alumni Council window has raised $1100.00 with the first letter and $2721.00 with the second letter and Alumni Weekend efforts. The $2721.00 will be matched by a dollar-per-dollar anonymous offer in effect as of May 10.  The amount needed to complete the goal of an $8000 is $1458, or $729 from council efforts to be match. Susan McGaughey stated that her goal is to have 100% participation in the general windows campaign from all current council members, recognizing that some have contributed to other windows.



Awards Committee: Nominations will be accepted through January 1, 2011 for: 
  Distinguished Alumnus, Torchlighter and Marlowe Sherwood Awards. 
  Perhaps a fourth award should be considered for “A Rising Star” or “Young Alumni”. 
  Jeff McKinney, Mike Newburger and LaKeisha Johnson will serve on this committee. 
Scholarship Committee: Goal, a $500.00 scholarship available every semester. Nancy Greinke agreed to join Jeff McKinney on this committee. 
Alumni Weekend Committee: Jay Flaherty, David Ehrlich, Cynthia Null and LaKeisha Johnson agreed to be involved in this event. David Barclay also indicated earlier that he would serve on this committee. Toni Madeira will contribute ideas for promotional materials and products for the committee’s consideration. 
By-laws: Susan Kensett McGaughey will chair this committee. Laurie McCormack will help. 
Young Alumni: Denzil Ross will serve. Karie Schaefer and January Miller will also serve on this committee. 

Kansas City Chapter:  Nancy Greinke, Toni Madeira and Duane Davidson. Ideas included Ice Hockey and “Challenge of the Wizards”. 

Alumni Mentoring: Toni Madeira suggested a mentoring program, She serves on the School of Business Advisory Board and is working on a project that could be associated with the Alumni Council as a project. She will continue to investigate the possibilities and report back.


Other alumni in addition to council members may serve on committees. Much of the work is done by e-mail and phone calls. Discussion ensued about this idea. 


   Golf Scramble:  The University will hold its annual Golf Scramble on September 9. Motion was passed for Alumni Council to sponsor a foursome for golf @ $500. If signs for each hole don’t sell out, Alumni Association will have a sign at one hole. 


Meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.


Next meeting Saturday, October 16, 2010. 


Alumni Weekend will be June 24-26, 2011 


Respectfully submitted, 


Cynthia Null, Secretary 


Approved for distribution by Susan Kensett McGaughey, ’74, President




May 22, 2010

9:00 a.m. CST
Gibson Room in Commons

The Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by President Neal McGregor.  Additional council members present were David Barclay, Susan Kensett McGaughey, Michael Newburger, Cynthia James Null, and Park University Staff Julie McCollum and Alisha Coggins.  Jeff McKinney, '81, and VP for Advancement, Laurie McCormack, was on the telephone. In addition, two prospective board members were present: Kyle Hoffman and LaKeisha Johnson.

Meeting Minutes: 
The meeting minutes from January 30, 2010 were read and approved.

Treasurers Report:
Julie McCollum for Jay Flaherty reported a balance of $2,919.22 in the Patriots Bank, The Marlowe Sherwood Memorial Scholarship Fund has at present $378.00 available to be awarded, with money coming in from the replacement Diploma Program, insuring sufficient funds to award a scholarship in the fall.  The Alumni Association Endowment Account balance as of May 22, 2010, is $41,176.26.

VP of Advancement Report:
 Laurie McCormack was unable to maintain the teleconference connection to make this report. She asked that the priority subjects be included in the Director’s Report.

Director’s Report: 

  • Julie McCollum reported a successful turnout at the Great Wolf Lodge event in Kansas City, Kansas, with more than 40 families attending. 
  • The Washington DC Library of Congress Tour organized by Rosemary Fry Plakas, ’63, curator at the Library, included 46 people, who enjoyed a private tour of select exhibits and rare books collection, followed by a reception.
  • Upcoming events include the June 3, Founder’s Day, celebrating Park’s 135th year.  The event will be held at the Airline History Museum at the Downtown Kansas City Airport, honoring our nation’s military service members and Park’s own military students.  The Alumni Council will host a table for this event.  A motion was passed that the Council will pay half the price of a ticket, at $75 each. 
  • The new web site is up and running and will feature the Alumni Awards.
  • Norrington Windows campaign account balance stands at about $110,000.00. An anonymous university “partner” will now match $1 to $1 all future donations. This leaves approximately another $110,000 to be raised in donations to complete the project by the proposed deadline to install the windows before the Fall semester opens. 
  • The “Cooking with Park” cooking class, held by the Alumni Association on April 28 was a sell out. Susan and Rich McGaughey hosted a “Park After Hours” the same night across the street allowing alumni to attend both events. Susan pointed out that the “After Hours” which are held quarterly continue to bring in small crowds, but serve a useful purpose of contacts with people who do not ordinarily come to Alumni events.

Alumni Council Membership Nominations:
Susan Kensett McGaughey reported the following names:

Duane Davidson
Denzil Ross
Toni Madiera
Kyle Hoffman
LaKeisha Johnson
David Ehrlich (Washington DC)
Mike Hurley ( New York)
Nancy Greineke

A motion was made and carried to accept the slate as potential members of the Council.  Susan will e-mail a profile of the members for review.

Election of New President: 
As the term of Neal McGregor is expiring this year, the floor was opened for nominations for a two-year term president.  Susan Kensett McGaughey was nominated and accepted.  She will be installed at the Alumni Weekend Alumni Meeting on June 26, 2010. She will create a slate of officers to be voted on prior to the Annual Meeting.

Old Business: 
Karen Frankenfeld’s husband passed away recently, and Julie McCollum attended the service, expressing the sympathy of the Alumni Council and staff.

Trustee report:

Susan McGaughey reported on the May 7 Board of Trustees meeting.  She updated the council on enrollments, which are above projections, and that the University budget now has a surplus. Four representatives from the Faculty Senate attended the Board of Trustees meeting, expressing concerns about recruitment for Parkville Campus and the need to bolster numbers at the Parkville Campus and to present a stronger presence in the Kansas City Area.  A lengthy discussion on the subject followed, focusing on how the Alumni Council might help. Ideas included (Susan) more local recruiting at High Schools and college Fairs, (Julie) when Council is enlarged, committees can focus on different groups, particularly young alumni and (Neal) get on-line students to the campus for graduation. Susan will address these challenges in the next term.


New Business:

  • Nominations:  The two guests, Kyle Hoffman and LaKeisha Johnson, were introduced, and each expressed a desire to work on the Alumni Council. 
  • Awards:  Mike Newburger reported that Don Arndtsen, ‘50,  will be the Distinguished Alumni  Award recipient and Heywood “Woody” Davis will receive the Torchlighter Award.  Louise Morden was unable to accept the second Torchlighter Award because of her personal schedule.
  • Alumni Weekend:   All Alumni Weekend events will be held on campus, as the Commons will accommodate the current attendance size of the Awards Banquet.  The class size of the 1960 class is smaller than in the past. Future 50th reunion are getting smaller. Instead of formal class photos, an informal photo booth will be available.   There will be no Church service at Park, instead Alumni are invited to attend the Presbyterian Church in Parkville.  Cynthia Null announced plans for presenting a program on Hammered Dulcimer History and performance Saturday afternoon, June 26, and an invitation for anyone interested, to bring their instruments for a Music Jam, followed by the Park Sing. 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m

Respectfully submitted,
Cynthia Null, Secretary