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Tipton Award


The Tipton Award is presented by the Student Senate to honor an alumna or alumnus who has made an outstanding service contribution to Park University.  It was endowed by Mary Lou and Bill Tipton, both class of 1928.   Throughout their lives the Tiptons served Park University through the Alumni Association, Friends of the Library and the Park University Board of Trustees.  Their many gifts of time, talent and funds are too numerous to mention here. The first Tipton Award presentation was made in 1991.


2014 Tipton Award Recipient
Heather Brennan, '83

Heather Brennan, '83, has served as a volunteer field instructor for Park University Social Work students for the past nine years. During each of these years she has provided a minimum of 450 hours of daily professional oversight and mentoring of Park Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) students.  Brennan has been instrumental in helping to identify additional school based social workers to serve as volunteer field instructors and has contributed to a collaborative supervision group with Park students completing internships with other school based field instructors in other schools. She is a contributor to the field instructor fall orientation and spring colloquium events. In 2009 she was recognized as the Park Field Instructor of the Year.


Photo, left to right:
Heather Brennan with Gary Bachman, Associate Professor of Social Work


1991   Marlowe Sherwood, '63
1992   Paul Gault, '65, MPA '88
1993   Carolyn McHenry Elwess, '71
1994   Eileen West, '71
1995   Randy Condit, '87, MPA '89
1996   Charles “Chuck” Edwards, '42
1997   not awarded
1998   Michael Driskell, '96
1999   Dr. Brian Hoffman, '86
2000   not awarded
2001   Jody Manchion, '99
2002   Dr. Harold Smith, '44
2003   Dorla Watkins, '80, MPA '00
2004   Ewa Witkowska, '03
2005   Alisha Coggins, '03
2006   Blair Howell, '05
2007   Denzil Ross, '06
2008   Allyson Pasbach, '05, MBA '07
2009   Deanna Medlin Armstrong, '70
2010   Retired Brig. Gen. Robert Martin, '50
2011   Ken Smith, '94, MBA '08
2012   Toni Madeira, '88
2013   Susan McGaughey, '74
2014   Heather Brennan