Career Night

Taking the Next Step

Updating Your Resume and Starting the Job Search
With the addition of technology, the job hunt has truly transformed itself in the past 20 years. Join us for an informative evening of tips, and tricks to make any job search a successful one.


Event Details

MAY 1, 2014
6 - 8 p.m.
Herr House Lounge

Park University Parkville Campus


(816) 746-2530

Guest Speaker: Tess Surprenant

Park University Director of Career Development
Tess SuprenantTess has over 10 years of experience working in career services. In this time, she has met with hundreds of recruiters and hiring managers across the country and around the world learning from them what they look for in resumes, cover letters, the interview process, and what qualities they look for when they develop and promote talent. Ms. Suprenant has also lead development, leadership and career development training for several major universities, organizations and corporations.


  • What makes a “good” resume; what should be included or omitted
  • How to network and use social media in the job search