Consortium Courses

Welcome, Consortium Students!

Park University is proud to be a member of the Consortium of Independent Colleges Online Humanities Institute. Park offers the following two consortium courses:

EN490: Capstone Seminar

Dr. Emily Sallee

Description: English 490 serves as the culminating experience for English literature and writing majors. Students design and execute an original research project that aligns with rhetorical norms within the field of English Studies. The Department will host a virtual “Capstone Conference” to provide a venue for students to present their work akin to an academic conference. 

Required real-time meetings: Offered in a blended format, with students at a distance participating via synchronous web conference (times TBD).

PH350: Morality and Freedom: Kant's Ethics and Kantian Ethics

Dr. Adam Potthast

Description: Philosophy 350 will consist of a close reading of Kant’s Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals and an examination of its central themes and arguments. It will also examine the contemporary descendants of Kant’s ethics—particularly the work of Christine Korsgaard and Barbara Herman.

Required real-time meetings: Offered entirely online with optional synchronous meetings with the instructor and other course members in small groups.

In order to register for these courses, please email and he will walk you through the process with the help of our registrar.

We look forward to adding your voice to the already diverse group of Park University students! 

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