Student Technology Fee


Submit a Technology Fee Request:

Mission Statement:

To facilitate equitable and economic expenditures of the student technology fee in line with the mission, vision, and core values of Park University to ensure student success for participating Campus Centers. 

 By-Laws of The Student Technology Fee Committee

  1. The voting body of the Student Technology Fee Committee will be comprised of students.
  2. Representatives of the Student Technology Fee Committee will also include an Information Technology representative and Student Services representative.
  3. A minimum of one survey per semester will be given out to the student bodies of campuses participating in the Student Technology Fee to better understand the student technology needs.
  4. Any funds spent from the Student Technology Fee account must be presented before the voting members of the Student Technology Fee committee.
  5. The Student Technology Fee shall not be used toward:
    1. Virtual Applications

    2. Standard classroom furniture

    3. Standard classroom materials

    4. Supporting infrastructure of Park University unless necessary for the technology fee projects success. 

Meeting Times and Locations: 

The Technology Fee Committee is open to all students and is held at 11:00AM every Friday in the PSGA Office located at the entrance of the Millsap Foyer. 

Contact Information 

Please contact the Student Senate at with questions or concerns.