Missouri Undergraduate Psychology Conference

Student Presentation Submission

If you are the first author on a presentation, then you will use the form to register and to submit your proposal. You will need to submit a title, 50-word abstract of your presentation, and identify your faculty sponsor and any co-authors. All remaining co-authors on the presentation (if applicable) will simply use this form to register for the conference.

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Presentation Guide

Thinking about presenting at the Missouri Undergraduate Psychology Conference (MUPC)? Doing so is a great way to learn about the process professional psychologists use to share information and advance knowledge in the field. Preparing a presentation will help you to develop critical thinking and communication skills. Also, the presentation can be listed on your resume and will thereby strengthen your application for graduate school or employment.

In the registration process, you will need to indicate the type of presentation being submitted. We invite any of three types of presentations:
  • Empirical presentation includes a report of collected data.
  • Non-empirical report summarizes/evaluates literature and includes conclusions.
  • Applied presentation is a report of a learning experience, such as an internship or volunteer work.

The presentation types mentioned above can be in one of the formats listed below. Students can be authors on talks and posters. However, those who will not be physically present at the conference can ONLY select the virtual-oral format option. Here are the formats:
  • Poster
  • Oral (Paper)
  • Virtual Oral

General guidance for preparing a presentation can be found at http://www.psichi.org/?page=111EyeFall06hMathie.

You can do a poster and/or an oral presentation. If you are not physically able to travel to the conference, the only option you can select is a virtual oral presentation. See below for details:
  • You may be an author (first or co-author) on any number of presentations; this policy is different from previous years.
  • There is no limit on the number of presentations submitted from a particular institution, nor is there any limit on the number of papers sponsored by a faculty member.
  • Presentations must be made by undergraduate students but presenters do not have to be psychology majors.
  • The first author of the presentation must submit an abstract of approximately 50 words at the time of registration. This is for both oral and poster presentations.
  • Submitting the 50-word abstract is a commitment to come to the conference and present. In case of illness or emergency, you should make every effort to identify a substitute presenter.
  • Those doing a virtual oral presentation will submit their You-Tube video link and PowerPoint file 5-days prior to the start of the conference. Materials are to be sent to Ms. Christa Brien. They will also need to be available for a 1-hr segment to talk (viva Skype, or cell phone backup) with judges during the conference.
  • We may not be able to honor requests to make oral presentations at a particular time.
  • A Final Program will be posted shortly before the start of the conference.

  • You will have a 15-minute block; 12 minutes to speak, followed by three minutes for questions and answers. These time limits are strictly observed.
  • All presentation rooms will have computers and video data projectors for PowerPoint presentations.
  • Please bring your presentation on a USB drive and give it to the moderator at the beginning of your session.
  • There will be awards for best presentations!

  • Posters can be prepared using tri-fold foam core or cardboard no larger than 36 inches wide by 48 inches high, or by printing them on a poster printer adhering to the same dimensions.
  • There will be awards for best posters!

  • Follow these steps to upload a video of your 10-minute virtual oral presentation to the YouTube website. The “title” you enter in the YouTube form for your video should match the title used on the registration/submission form. The YouTube category you select should be “Science & Technology”. We recommend the “Public” Broadcast option be used, so that you do not need to create a specialized contact list.
  • Send the link and your PowerPoint presentation to Ms. Christa Brien (she documents which proposals have been received for this year’s conference).