Missouri Undergraduate Psychology Conference

Early-Bird Registration

This is the preferred registration procedure. This online registration will be available until October 25. The registration fee is $20 which includes beverages and snacks on November 8 and a continental breakfast and lunch on November 9. 

  • Beverages: Coffee, hot tea, hot cider, hot chocolate, water, and assorted sodas.
  • Breakfast: An assortment of mini muffins, mini bagels, mini scones, cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit, orange and apple juice, coffee and hot tea.
  • Lunch Buffet: Pasta (2 types), sauces (2 types), chicken parmesan, breadsticks, salad, dessert bars and cookies.

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Student Presentation Submission

If you are the first author on a presentation, then you will use the form to register and to submit your proposal. You will need to submit a title, 50-word abstract of your presentation, and identify your faculty sponsor and any co-authors. All remaining co-authors on the presentation (if applicable) will simply use this form to register for the conference.

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On-Site Registration

On-site registration will take place Noon to 4:00 p.m. November 8 and 8 a.m. to noon on November 9 in the atrium of Park Distance Learning—PDL Center. The onsite registration fee will be $25. Credit cards may not be accepted during on-site registration; we are still looking into this issue. On-site registration includes snacks on November 8 and a continental breakfast and lunch on November 9.

Faculty Registration

This year, faculty member register is in the same manner as students and incur the same registration fees, $20 on-line or $25 on-site.

MUPC T-Shirt

Preview of this year’s MUPC T-shirt: See the different look (e.g., cut, shape) of the silver women’s and the sport grey men’s T-shirts, and what the design [PU1]  will be on these shirts.