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Graduate Certificate Programs

A graduate certificate program consists of a logically sequenced and academically coherent subset of courses derived from a given discipline or related disciplines, which is intended to prepare students for professional practice in certain applied fields. Because of the program's emphasis on application, the choice of courses often represents more practice-oriented didactic contents. A graduate certificate comprises fewer credits than a master's degree. Courses taken toward a certificate program may eventually or simultaneously transfer to a master's degree depending upon the requirements of the particular degree to which a student wishes to apply the credits.

Courses selected for a graduate certificate program are courses approved or offered for credit at the graduate level at Park University and, when completed, they represent a structured, coherent body of knowledge. Graduate credit hours earned through these courses may not be less than 12 hours nor more than fifty percent of the credits necessary to complete a related master's program(s). In most instances, the required credit hours will range between 12 and 15. No more than 25% of these hours may be transferred from another institution.

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Graduate Admissions and Requirements

Professional Certificate Programs

Professional certificate programs provide community members and degree-seeking students with cutting-edge learning experiences on current topics and issues, taught by professionals in the field. Often offered in partnership with a local community organization or government agency, non-transcripted professional certificates of completion will be awarded to graduate students as well as community participants who complete all required courses. Park graduate students may take these courses as part of their degree program, if coupled with graduate level assignments from the faculty. These credits can then be applied towards degree requirements.

Available Programs
Graduate credits and certificates completed will be transcripted by the Registrar and they will become part of the student's permanent academic record.

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