Global Proficiency Program

Lucas BrazilThe Global Proficiency Program is an optional program that gives any Park University student the opportunity to complement the major course of study by providing an international perspective to the student's education.

What is Global Proficiency?
Global proficiency is defined at Park University as demonstrating the knowledge, intercultural engagement skills, cross-cultural communication competency and attitudes necessary to participate effectively and responsibly in the global environment.

Why is global proficiency important?
  • Helps fulfill our University mission to prepare learners to think critically, communicate effectively, and engage in lifelong learning while serving a global community.
  • Valuable credential to add to resume when seeking a job or internship.
  • Knowledge, skills, and attitudes will serve student personally and professionally.
  • Completion of program will be noted on official transcript.

How does the Global Proficiency Program differ from completion of a program minor?
The GPP is comparable to a minor, but is not attached to a major in order to obtain the certificatation. It offers international co-curricular activity options and opportunities for community engagement. Your completion of the program will be noted on your transcript. Additionally, you will receive a certificate of completion at the Honors Convocation.


The following students are eligible to participate in the Global Proficiency Program at Park University:
  • Undergraduate students at Park currently enrolled in a degree program. Students are encouraged to seek admission to the GPP by the second semester of the junior year.
  • Graduate Students at Park and/or anyone else who has completed a bachelor's degree and is interested in enrolling at Park to complete the Program.

Program Goals

  • Provide students with intercultural educational opportunities at home and abroad.
  • Provide students with an opportunity to fulfill Park’s international and multicultural learning objectives:
    • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the interconnectedness of political, economic, and social systems. They will evaluate and analyze these systems.
    • Students will distinguish among the different perspectives of world history, intercultural issues, and world viewpoints. An understanding of geography will be critical to successfully undertaking this analysis.
    • Students will demonstrate an ability to communicate with people of different cultures, backgrounds, and countries.
  • Provide students with the tools and credentials needed to become leaders in a global workforce.


Dustin - Nuremburg Students will meet requirements 1-8 below. Requirement #7 dictates the accrual of 30 points through participation of various intercultural experiences. The last requirement, and chief assessment tool for the GPP, is an e-portfolio.
  1. Application submitted on website, reviewed and approved by the GPP coordinator/the Office of International Education and Study Abroad.
  2. Orientation session conducted by the Office of International Education and Study Abroad.
  3. Language study— Students must complete 3 semester hours of an intermediate language course (Students who qualify for English as a Second Language status based on their admission code will fulfill the requirement by either establishing English proficiency at the intermediate level through testing or by completing English as an International Language classes at the intermediate level . Other students who believe they have advanced language skills may CLEP this requirement, and when applicable students may transfer in these courses).
  4. CA330—Multicultural Communication or equivalent course which meets 50% of the core learning objectives as taught at Park or equivalent graduate-level course.
  5. One global humanities course or equivalent course approved by the GPP coordinator. For example, ML 315, Selected Topics in Literature & Culture or graduate level equivalent course.
  6. Participation in a university sponsored and/or approved international academic experience — short-term or long-term study-abroad, and/or service learning project.
  7. Global activities and experience—students must accrue 30 points total from a minimum of two activities in this category during the students’ enrollment at Park. A short one page report must accompany a request for points in these areas and will be submitted to the academic advisor who will seek approval from the Internationalization Committee. These include:
      • Projects, activities or other experiences as approved by the GPP coordinator —Up to 30 points;
      • Participation in Model United Nations or Model OAS —15 points for one year's active participation, 15 points maximum.
      • Participation in Global Future program—15 points per one year’s active participation; 15 points maximum;
      • Internship in an international organization or with an organization which works with other international organizations—15 points per semester long internship, 15 points maximum;
      • Participation in World Student Union—5 points per one year’s active participation (minimum of attendance at 6 meetings in a year and participation in at least 3 events); 10 points maximum;
      • Participation in Coming to America series—5 points per speech; 10 points maximum;
      • Attending cross or multicultural events, lectures, etc, and writing a report on that experience—5 points per event; 20 points maximum;
      • Foreign language major or minor—20 points;
      • Volunteering with an international organization--15 points per semester, 15 points maximum;
      • Participation in International Classroom Partnership or Cultural Sharing program—15 points per semester; 15 points maximum;
  8. E-Portfolio consisting of archived materials from the above experiences, as well as a 3-5 page reflective essay on the students’ experience seeking completion of the program as indicated by receipt of the certificate.

Grammar SchoolGF32010 Model UN Team

Completion of the Program

Once a student has completed the requirements of the Program, he/she must submit his/her portfolio to the academic advisor in a timely fashion.

The portfolio will be reviewed by the Internationalization Committee. The Internationalization Committeewill make a recommendation to Academic Affairs. Academic Affairs will notify the registrar of the student’s completion of the GPP. The registrar will then add the annotation to the audit/transcript.

The GPP Certificate of Completion will be generated by the Office of International Education and Study Abroad, and then signed by Academic Affairs, the appropriate Dean and Chair of the Internationalization Committee. The GPP Certificate of Completion will be awarded to the student at the Honors Convocation.