Global Education and Study Abroad

Spring Break in Rome, Bologna and Venice!

Students will enroll in the spring 2015 16-week CA404-CA504 courses in Parkville. Over spring break, all students will travel together to Italy with instructor, Dr. Mark Noe. Classroom activities will be substantially supplemented by guided visits to essential cities and historical sites in Italy including Rome, Bologna and Venice.


CA404 & CA504: Special Topics in Communication and Leadership with Dr. Mark Noe.

March 6 - 16, 2015

Program fee: $3,200 (subject to final arrangements). Includes airfare, lodging, 2 meals/day guided tours, daytrips and ground transportation.
(Does not include: 1 meal/day, tuition, passport and insurance.)

Financial aid may be available. Please visit or contact the Office of Financial Aid to verify availability.

Cities to visit: Rome, Venice and Bologna

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For more information, please contact the Office of Global Education at (816) 584-6580 or by e-mail at
You can also contact the instructor for the course, Dr. Mark Noe, for any additional questions at

Application deadline for this Spring Semester program is December 1, 2014.