Global Education and Study Abroad

For Domestic Students

Study Abroad
Park offers a wide variety of study abroad programs to its diverse student body, both on the Parkville campus and across the country. All students in good academic standing are eligible to study abroad, including students studying online, campus center students and international students. Contact our office to find out the country that best suits your interests and area of study.

Financing Your Study
Many national and international organizations and programs, such as Fulbright scholarships and fellowships, offer scholarships to students who wish to study abroad from an American university. Our office can help you apply for these awards while matching you with an appropriate Study Abroad program. Contact Angie Peterson for assistance with a scholarship. Learn more about scholarships available just for Park students. (Patrick, since these are desperate hours prior to launch, I didn’t include the link to Fulbright scholarships, etc. Those deadlines have passed. )

Park University financial aid can be applied to many Study Abroad programs. Contact Kari Long in the Office of Financial Aid for more information.

Yes, there’s paperwork but we’re here to help. Contact us for the forms that may be required for your program.