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Presentations for Your School

College choices - Do you have what it takes? - Grades: 9-11
This presentation takes students on an in-depth look at their college choices and what might work best with their personality. Public or private? Resident or commuter? Big or small? 

The Motivation Station - If she can do it…why can't you? - Grades: 9-11
An up close look at what motivation really means for high school students today. What reasons does a student need to succeed? Clips and personal testimonials will be sure to inspire! 

Get out of my face! - Grades: 7-12
This presentation will take a closer look at social networking, and how it can be good, bad, and sometimes ugly. Does it play a role in getting a job? Getting accepted? Getting on a team? 

Park University - Who we are - Grades: All
General presentation about who Park University is and what sets us apart from other schools. 

Scholarships - Who, What, When and How - Grades: 9-12
How to start searching for scholarships, website suggestions and tips. 

For Seniors Only - Grade: 12
What needs to be done as a college-bound senior. 

Is it too early to think college? - Grades: 7-9
What you should be doing now to prepare to go to college. 

Why should I go to college? - Grades: All
The value of going to college and why. 

For Juniors Only - Grade: 11
What needs to be started to prepare to go to college. 

The college-bound Latino student - Grades: All
From the Latino perspective about going to college. 

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