The Center, Mission and Staff

Offering an array of free services to Park University students. More Go

Writing Competency Test (WCT) Preparation Help

We offer prep classes, study groups, and even individual help to prepare for the WCT. During the 2013-2014 academic year, 95.8% of students who attended our KC area prep classes passed the WCT. Contact us at (816) 584-6330 for more information.  More GO


We offer many services to help our students with their academic progress. All our services are free of charge to Park University students.

Writing Help

Our writing consultants hold-face-to-face appointments on the Parkville campus to help with papers in all academic subjects. They can help students at all stages of the writing process:  planning, drafting, revision, and editing. The consultant will not “fix” your paper, but will assist you in identifying and correcting problems. Consultants can also help you with determining proper citation of sources and avoiding plagiarism. Schedule your appointment at Parkville Campus Appointments. Students at other campuses and online students can work with a writing consultant via the Online Writing Lab (OWL).

Testing Center

The Testing Center is located on the Parkville Campus, in the Park Distance Learning Classroom. We administer ACT, MoGEA, CLEP and DSST exams. More Go


StepUP is a program operated through the Academic Support Center.  The goal of StepUP is to provide the support and services for our students to persist, excel, and graduate.  StepUP provides a social and support network for students who are willing to work consistently toward their academic goals. More GO