Health Care Options

Under 26 Health Insurance OptionsAs a Park Student, a variety of different health care options are available to you depending on the type of health insurance you carry and your specific medical needs. You can view a list of some of the key health care providers and information sources in the area below.

If you would like detailed information about student insurance options, Enrollment Services can provide you with additional information and assistance.

Park University Student Insurance

Students with Park University Student Insurance (offered through UnitedHealthcare) can utilize the following healthcare services located not far from the University.

If you would like more information about Student Insurance, contact Enrollment Services.

Private Insurance

Students with private insurance will need to find a provider through their network.

All students are encouraged to carry the United Health Insurance. Residential Students, Varsity Athletes, International Students with F-1 Status, and Nursing Students are required to purchase Student Insurance unless they provide proof of personal insurance. Details are available from Enrollment Services.

County Health Departments

General Health Information

Nutritional Information

Keep Moving!

Area Hospitals

Low Income and Public Assistance