Park Distance Learning

Proctored Exams

Park University requires that a proctored final examination be taken by students, in person, during the last week of instruction for online undergraduate level courses. Online graduate courses may have a proctored final exam or a project due at the discretion of the instructor and the academic department.

Students are responsible for arranging a proctor for their final exam(s). Students can access the Park University Online Proctor Request form, to request their proctor beginning week 2 of the term. A photo identification will be required by the proctor prior to students receiving the exam.

  • At the time of the exam, it is the student's responsibility to thoroughly read and follow all instructions prior to beginning the exam.
  • Students may NEVER use a personal computer or a computer they have accessed previously.
  • Proctors will closely monitor all test takers.
  • Students may NEVER keep or make copies of the final exam and may not leave the testing room prior to the end of the exam unless closely supervised.
  • Any/all violations of the Park University proctor or student conduct policies will be investigated and appropriate sanctions levied.
  • Proctors must provide "official" business phone numbers and Email addresses. Personal phone and Email contacts will not be accepted.
  • If the student has purchased an e-book as the course textbook, it is the student's responsibility to bring all or part of the e-book in printed form to the proctored final exam session to be used if the final is "open-book".

Proctored exams must be taken at a Park University campus center with the following exceptions:

  1. Students who live or work more than a 60 minute drive from a Park University campus center may request an alternative proctor/location. Please note: Students may be asked to provide proof of residency and to demonstrate their location in relation to a campus center. Violating this policy may result in failing the final exam.
  2. Students with a documented temporary or permanent disability may request accommodations that allow an alternative proctor/location. All disabilities must first be documented with the Academic Support Center.

Acceptable Alternative Proctor Sites: List of Potential Proctors:
College or University ** Accredited College or University Faculty/Testing Center Administrators
Public Library Certified Librarian
US Embassy US Embassy Official
Military students in remote areas Commissioned Officers (other than in your chain of command)
  • Adjunct Faculty Members
  • College or K-12 School Teachers or Administrators
  • Librarians

** Find a testing center at a local college or universityAny fees associated with a non-Park proctor are the responsibility of the student.

Alternative Sites are limited to this list unless pre-approved by your course instructor and Park University Administration