BI 214 - Personal and Community Health LE

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  • MCAS Cherry Point - Havelock, NC

Pirate Patch:

  • Charleston AFB - Charleston, SC
  • Hanscom AFB - Bedford, MA

About the Class

BI 214 - Personal and Community Health LE

Educational in nature with emphasis on personal hygiene, community health and health education, this course covers diverse topics such as: wellness, mental health, stress, nutrition, weight management, communicable disease, noncommunicable disease, reproductive health, parenting, substance abuse, aging and ecology. Socioeconomic and sociocultural factors that impact the wellness of specific cultural groups will also be discussed. This course does not count toward a biology major.

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About the Instructor

Colleen Wincentsen

Colleen Wincentsen

Course: BI 214

Campus Location: MCAS Cherry Point

Colleen prefers to go by her first name because she has a difficult last name! She has lived in Havelock, NC for the last 12 years. She is originally from Appleton, WI. Her master's degree is in Health Administration. Her undergraduate degree is in Exercise Science/Kinesiology. She has had heavy coursework in anatomy, biology, biomechanics, and healthcare business courses. Her background is in Healthcare Administration, where she spent more than 15 years working in and managing a variety of healthcare settings. Her passion was always training and teaching her employees, so she decided to enter the world of teaching permanently.

She has taught Biology 101 and Personal and Community Health (BI214) as an adjunct professor for Park University for the last 2 years. She also has experience teaching English, Microsoft Office, and Computer Literacy courses at a local Community College.

Colleen enjoys spending time with her family, raising her Chinese Pug Dogs, and riding her Harley Davidson motorcycle. She takes pride in continuing her research in her favorite subjects, particularly biology and anatomy.