MBA 526 - Corporate Management in the Global Environment

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  • Parkville, MO

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  • Austin, TX

About the Class

MBA 526 - Corporate Management in the Global Environment

This course focuses on cross-disciplinary business policy aspects of commercial enterprise, evaluation of firms strategic and competitive behavior from a global dimension in the 21st century; managerial decision-making based on the interdisciplinary nature and the role of the economy in the context of the globalization.  

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About the Instructor

Tammy Foster

Course: MBA 526

Campus Location: Parkville, MO

Ms. Foster has nearly two decades of healthcare industry experience working in a variety administrative and operational roles within large academic medical centers. In addition to this experience in healthcare, she has industry experience working in higher education. She has held a number of mid-level positions within a number of small to large cap companies. Ms. Foster has several years of practical experience leading strategic management efforts to include strategic planning, promoting strategic thinking, strategy implementation, and monitoring. She has technical competence and experience in finance, economics, marketing, operational management, and leadership--all of which are important when engaging in strategic management at the functional, strategic business unit, and corporate levels.

Ms. Foster has a BS in Business from Liberty University. She also has an MBA from American Intercontinental University.