Opportunities Database

Bridging the Gap

425 Westport Rd #23
K.C. MO 64111
(816) 561-1061 ext. 109
Applicable Majors: Science, General

  1. K.C. Beautiful (planting projects in the Spring)
  2. K.C. Recycling (volunteers to run the recycling centers in KC)
  3. K.C. Wildlands (devoted to keeping area wildlands clean) (816) 561-1061 ext. 116
  4. Heartland Tree Alliance – Internships Available

National Public Lands Day

Work together with other community volunteers to give much-needed attention to Cliff Drive in the Old Northeast area of Kansas City, Mo.

Heartland Tree Alliance Tree Care Days

Help keep our community green and beautiful by keeping our urban forest healthy

Community Recycling Centers

Help reduce the amount of trash going into the landfills

Volunteer Program Assistant

volunteer coordinator seeks one or more volunteers who can assist with varied tasks related to managing our volunteer program

Rain Barrel Volunteers

This volunteer position offers the opportunity to learn more about rain barrels and educate the public. Must be comfortable using power tools.

Recycling and Green Event Volunteer Opportunities

Help with recycling and litter prevention at festivals and special events and educating the public in the process.

Care Alternatives Hospice

1-877-584-8111 (phone)
(816) 584-8110 (fax)
Applicable Majors: Nursing, Psychology, General
Background Check Required


Providing companionship to patients, composing “Memory Books” for patients’ families, Training in Aromatherapy

Special Requirements

In addition to a background check, volunteers must not have suffered a death in their family within the past year. Eight hours of training will be provided to suitable volunteers.


Community Outreach Coordinator
Harvesters—The Community Food Network

3801 Topping Avenue
Kansas City, MO  64129
T: 816.929.3217  (direct)
T: 816.929.3000  (main)
T: 877.353.6639  (toll-free)
F: 816.929.3123

Applicable Majors: Social Work, General


Help Harvesters feed approx. 50,000 people in need per week. 43% of Harvesters’ clients are children under the age of 18. Harvesters needs volunteers to sort food donations, inventory donation needs, speak on behalf of Harvesters and display posters to schools and corporations.

Forks and Corks

Charity event, volunteers needed to set up prior to event and clean up afterward.

Renaissance Festival
Labor Day Weekend (September 14-15)
Two-hour shifts

3-4 volunteers needed per shift to collect non-perishable food items at the gate. Volunteers receive free admission on the day of their shift.

Souper Bowl
1st weekend in February

A national event for food, fun and service. 2 hour shifts with over 1,000 fellow volunteers.

Operation Bread Basket
November and June

Multiple grocery store locations. Volunteers ask shoppers to purchase an extra can of food. 2 hour shifts.

Community Demonstration Garden

4 volunteers needed on Saturdays from 9am to noon for planting, watering, weeding and harvesting. Training provided by a Master Gardener.

Kids in the Kitchen Instructor

A weekly commitment to teach nutritional education and cooking to children. One 3-4 hour training course is required. Children will be between the ages of 5-16.

Agency Monitor

One half-day per week of volunteering to help Harvesters inspect their agencies for safe food handling and regulation compliance. On the job training. Personal vehicle/transportation required. 2 days of safe food handling training is required.

Organizer/Office Support

Volunteer at Harvesters in an administrative capacity for one morning or afternoon per week (about 3 hours). Help various managers with clerical duties. Database entry, filing, phone assistance, etc…

Hillcrest Thrift Shop for the Transitional Housing Program

6520 N.W. Prairie View Rd. (close to Picture Hills Shopping Center)
K.C. MO 64151
(816) 868-8806
Applicable Majors: All


Sales & Floor Maintenance

10AM – 2PM; 2-4PM; 4-6PM; 6-8PM

Donation intake – Sorting and Pricing


Varies by major - just ask!

Operation Breakthrough

3039 Troost
Kansas City, MO 64109
(816) 3511
Applicable Majors: All - assists children from under-served populations

Parkville Nature Sanctuary

12th & E Streets (Hwy 9)
Parkville, MO 64152
Contact: Director Bob Fluchel
(816) 587-0431
Bob Fluchel <rosebud3500@att.net>
Applicable Majors: History, Social Science, All


Bulb transplanting: daffodils and iris at site of Woodward Dormitory to be thinned and moved to campus memory garden


Research of student names carved in root cellar


Shoring of creek run-off – erosion prevention


“Haunted Trail” Halloween Project: Pumpkin preparation, food, lighting of trails, entertainment, story-telling


Shoring of switchback steps up to White Alloe Conservation area


Investigate restoration at site of Woodward Dorm; Dorm building was reassembled Parkville Hotel that housed victims of Arabia Steamboat disaster

Science City At Union Station

30 West Pershing Rd., Suite 150
Kansas City, MO 64108
Website: http://www.sciencecity.com/
Volunteer information: http://www.unionstation.org/volunteer.html
Applicable Majors: Science, Teaching, History, Engineering, General


Science Pioneers creates innovative and supportive educational activities that encourage the youth of Greater Kansas City to understand and use science and critical thinking in their careers and everyday life. Set-up for teacher training. Organize activities such as Greater Kansas City Science and Engineering Fair.

Greater Kansas City Science and Engineering Fair

Help organize this event which provides the opportunity for students in grades 4-12 to display their science fair projects or inventions with over 1,100 fellow students. Over 250 area scientists and teachers judge the projects.

Mentor Program

This program connects students and teachers with science professionals who encourage learning and career exploration in math, science, technology and engineering.
Includes: Meet the Science Mentor Day
                 Reverse Science Fair
                 Mentor Directory

Saturday Science Seminars

Career scientists and professionals present Saturday morning seminars for middle and high school students.

EYH (Expanding Your Horizons) and EYH Expansion Program

Workshop designed to immerse young women in 6th-8th grades in hands-on experiences in science, math, engineering and technology. The expansion program gives the young women who attend the EYH night an extended opportunity to attend related workshops.

Science Fair Kickoff

A new program for teachers planning to have their students create science fair projects. Learn how to organize a science fair, generate ideas for projects and use activities to motivate students.

Science Wise Teacher Programs

Professional development workshops are designed to assist teachers in increasing their expertise in science and math with hands-on training that can be applied in the classroom. Includes:
ScienceWise Kickoff (10/2/2007)
Short Courses
Teacher Resource Day (2/9/2008)
Science Resources Expo


The Stream Team

Conservation volunteerism for Missouri: http://mdc.mo.gov/about-us/get-involved/mdc-volunteer-programs/become-conservation-volunteer

Applicable Majors: Science, Geography, General


Picking up trash, educating, storm drain stenciling and water quality monitoring…Cleaning up the environment and making meaningful friendships in the process

Project Blue River Rescue (First Saturday of every April)

Volunteers reclaim and improve a Kansas City stream

Missouri River Relief (October)

Clean up Missouri streams; a half day project (around 4-6 hours)

Synergy Program Services

400 E. 6th St.
Parkville, MO 64152
(816) 587-4100
Services for battered women and their children

Applicable Majors: Social Work, Psychology
Background Check Required
Internships Available


Developing a fundraising project, Working with schools to promote positive messages for children and resolve social issues, Tutoring

Holiday Store (December)

Receives donations for mothers and their families

Theater for Young America

Offices and Performances: 
Union Station
30 W. Pershing Rd.
Kansas City, MO 64106
(816) 460-2083
Applicable Majors: Theatre, Education, General
Internships available
Application & Interview is required

Wonderscope Acting Classes

Learn about theatre education through working with children, ages preschool through 18 years, assisting with drama classes. After attending courses, volunteers will lead basic warm-ups for children’s classes and work with groups on acting ability and dramatization of poetry. Volunteers will operate the audio and lighting systems and read roles if a student is absent.

Season of Plays at Union Station : Opportunities for Theatre, Fashion Design and Art Majors

For Theatre Majors: Volunteer to assist with 7 plays to be performed at Union Station for young audiences. Volunteers will work with acting coordinators (adults), provide technical help (painting scenery, develop props usher, mailings, etc…) if able, and will operate the sound board and other equipment. Training will be provided.
For Fashion Design Majors: Volunteer to design and manufacture costumes. Costuming internship is possible.
For Art Majors: Volunteer to create scenic designs and paint.

Triality, inc.

1508 NW Vivion Rd.
Kansas City, MO. 64118
816-781-0177 x 6792

Triality’s mission is to embrace and empower and empower people with disabilities to lead fulfilled lives in a welcoming and unbiased society.
Triality was established more than 30 years ago as a not-for-profit organization to serve people with lifelong developmental disabilities such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and autism. Initially providing day programs to help children and adults learn new skills, today Triality is prepared to offer community living services.

Applicable majors: psychology, education, physical focus, general

Union Station

30 West Pershing Rd., Suite 150
Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 460-2075
Applicable Majors: Education, History, General
Background check is required


Promoting and engaging others in education, entertainment, and historical preservation at Union Station, Science City, and Kansas City Museum


Union Station Membership, Discounts in Stores and Restaurants, Free Previews of events and special recognition events.

Accessible Arts, Inc.

1100 State Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66102-4411
Contact: Coordinator Kit Bardwell
(913) 281-1133
Applicable Majors: Art, Psychology, Therapy, Education, English, Theater, General



Library management 1 day per month, After-School Arts Club, Discovery Day Trips, Native Am. Drum corps, plays and dramatic workshops featuring disabilities, PR assistance, Photo album maintenance, Interior painting, Arts programming, Carpentry/build shelving


For additional exciting volunteer opportunities in Missouri, visit:
http://www.volunteerkc.org/  (search by County)