Emergency Alert System

ParkAlert is a mass notification system to provide Park University students, faculty and staff with time-sensitive messages via text, voice, e-mail and social media. ParkAlert is only used to notify the University community of emergency events or weather-related alerts and updates. It is not for advertising or other unsolicited content.

ParkAlert allows participants to select the Park University campus center they attend (or the campus in their area) to receive messages related only to that specific campus center. Powered by Omnilert Network e2Campus, ParkAlert is an additional notification mechanism for the University's emergency notification systems.

The following are the available alert options:

  • Short Message Service (SMS)/Text --Text message alerts to a mobile phone(s) that you register in the system.
  • Voice -- Similar to a text message, this service delivers a voice alert to your registered phone(s).
  • E-Mail --An e-mail alert is sent to your registered e-mail address. (It is suggested that you register an e-mail address that is not a Park University account since Park’s Office of University Marketing and Communications or the Department of Campus Safety will send emergency e-mail messages to Park e-mail addresses.)
  • Social Media --Alerts can be posted directly to social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter. (Used on a case-by-case basis.)

To register and to select your preferred alert option(s), visit www.park.edu/park-alert/. After registering, please check your account by verifying that you are signed up to the proper groups. Each person must register under both of the following:

  • First group type by selecting either Faculty, Staff, Student, General Public (General Public option available only for Parkville Campus alerts) and/or Parents (Parents option available only for Kansas City area alerts.)


  • Second group type by selecting one or more campus centers.

Please login to your account and verify that you have selected at least one option in each group type. Failure to select options in each group type may prevent you from receiving alerts and notifications.

To learn more about ParkAlert, visit www.park.edu/park-alert/.

Questions about ParkAlert should be sent to alert.support@park.edu.