Web Services

Park University’s web presence is a powerful, living medium for communicating with audiences around the globe. It is a branding tool, an official source of news and information, a gateway to central University functions such as admissions and financial aid, and a place where the world can connect with Park 24/7. Park University is always “open” when it comes to the Internet so it is critical that all Park webpages reflect the highest degree of professionalism and an appreciation for the needs of our virtual visitors.

The goal of MarCom is to ensure that all webpages on www.park.edu and related sites:

  • Adhere to Park’s marketing goals and branding
  • Reflect a consistent aesthetic
  • Feature content that is timely, accurate, useful and appropriate
  • Ensure intuitive navigation and a positive experience

Park's Web Services team will create webpages, microsites and pages for University departments and programs. Web requests must be submitted through the appropriate department web representative. If you do not know your department's web representative, or if your department does not have a web representative, please follow the guidelines below and send your request to webcomm@park.edu. Here’s what we need from you:


For a New Page

  • Proposed title and placement of the page. Please include a web address of the site section where this page might reside.
  • All text in finalized format, ready to copy and paste, in a Word document (Do not submit .pub files).
  • Highlight any explanatory comments you do not want included on the page.
  • All files/documents, including PDFs and images (images will be used at the discretion of Park’s web team).

For Edits to an Existing Page

  • The URL of the page to be edited (in case of multiple pages, categorize each set of changes by URL).
  • Specific instructions, including what part of the page needs to be edited.
  • If needed, any documents or files.
  • In case of substantial changes, please provide text that is ready to copy and paste in a Word document. Do not provide changes via “track changes” in a document.


For a New Section

  • Submit the content for each page to be included within the proposed section following the guidelines for a new page.
  • Include any proposed links to other sections or resources.

For a New Landing Page

  • For microsites that reside on www.park.edu for events or special marketing and recruitment campaigns, here’s what’s required:
  • Description of target audience, publication or event, publishing or event date.
  • All content in a copy/paste format, preferably .doc files, images, PDF files, links or other resources

NOTE: Be aware that the average time for development is three weeks. Content must be received in a timely fashion so that it can be developed on the website. Ensure at least one month to publicize an event. This means that the web team should have your content about two months prior to your event.


For more information or to request web services, contact:

gabriela Sa teles

Web Manager
(816) 584-6828