About Campus Safety


The Park University Campus Safety Department is a 24/7, professional, proactive safety resource for the Park University community. We accomplish our mission by securing, monitoring, enforcing and providing administrative resources while offering visibility to the community, coordination of safety related activities and acting as a liaison with local emergency services.


  1. Community wide safety, security and emergency training
  2. Increase community awareness of resources Campus Safety provides
  3. Improve on usability and availability of security technology resources
  4. Document accurately all safety and security related reports for the Park community
  5. Maintain a positive relationship with local outside agencies


The Park University Department of Campus Safety is staffed 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  Campus Safety is located on the Parkville Campus in Thompson Commons on the First Floor.

  • Jeffrey Hurley
    Director of Campus Safety
  • Brett M. Gregory
    Interim Lead Campus Safety Officer
  • Polina Fain
    Environmental Health and Safety Manager
  • Paul Abanishe
    Campus Safety Officer
  • Issac Ackom
    Campus Safety Officer
  • Ahanu Fake
    Campus Safety Officer
  • Justin Baas
    Campus Safety Officer
  • Nich “Hawk” Hochstatter
    Campus Safety Officer
  • Brandon Bird
    Campus Safety Officer
  • Miguel Zarate
    Campus Safety Officer
  • Ben Hoffman
    Campus Safety Officer
  • Peter Nien
    Campus Safety Officer

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