Office of General Counsel & Vice President

Welcome to Park University’s Office of General Counsel. The OGC advises the University’s Board of Trustees regarding governance and legal issues. It also advises the president and other executive staff members, and as appropriate, other senior administrators, faculty and staff, about University-related legal and regulatory matters. These include the University’s business transactions, contractual relationships, real estate interests, policy formulation and compliance, litigation, dispute resolution, collective bargaining and other human resource matters.

The Office of General Council also represents the University before state courts, administrative agencies, regulatory bodies, municipal boards, commissions and in various transaction-related negotiations. Additionally, the OGC coordinates the work of outside legal counsel retained to represent the interests of the University in judicial and administrative proceedings.

The OGC provides legal representation and counsel only pursuant to requests submitted to the OGC after the requests have been approved by the University’s president or a vice president. The OGC does not provide legal services to individual University employees or students regarding personal legal matters, nor does it represent individual employees or students in judicial and administrative proceedings.



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