Resumes & Cover Letters

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A resume is intended to market your skills, to highlight what accomplishments you have that could translate well into what an employer is needing, and what you could bring to the table over other applicants. With so little space, a resume needs to be concise, to the point, and relevant to your audience reading them.

Pirate Resume Format

The Pirate Resume is a guide with resume sections.  Take note that different industries such as government or creative will look for a slightly different format. If you have any questions specific to your resume, email

Cover Letters

Tell your story. Tell your why. Tell them how you would be the best candidate. A cover letter should go beyond what is on your resume and provide something additional that would help recruiters understand how you would help their company. Utilize a cover letter if you are applying to a role that isn’t common with your background/education, a career transition, or to further explain what someone needs to know about your professional history.

Pirate Cover Letter Format

The Pirate Cover Letter is another opportunity to sell yourself, use it to your advantage!

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