All counseling information, including the fact that a student has been seen, is strictly confidential. Information on students receiving counseling is not made available to anyone (including faculty, administrators, staff or parents) without the written consent of the student. No record of counseling attendance is contained in any student academic or educational file.


For the majority of students, no exceptions to confidentiality are made. However, there are some exceptions to confidentiality which you should know before you begin counseling:

  • If you are required to attend counseling for infractions of Residence Hall or Campus rules, your attendance or non-attendance in the counseling process will be reported to the referring person. The content and progress of the counseling sessions are NOT reported.
  • You may request, in writing, that the Counseling Center release information about your counseling to persons you designate.
  • If there is evidence that a student poses clear and imminent danger of harm to themselves or to others, a mental health professional is legally required to report this information to the proper authorities for the protection of the student and the community.
  • A court-ordered subpoena can require the Counseling Center to release information contained in records or require a counselor to testify in a hearing.

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