Online Faculty Application


  1. All Online instructors must have evidence of successful teaching experience at an accredited college or university before they will be considered as an Online instructor.  It is preferred that instructors have experience teaching Online for another university.
    Please Note:  Park University participates in E-Verify for all positions in the Greater Kansas City Missouri Area.
  2. Online Instructors for undergraduate level courses must hold a master’s degree in the discipline in which you wish to teach.  We hope you understand that we are trying to maintain the highest academic standards possible at Park and ask you to adhere to these minimum requirements.
  • Some departments have their own requirements:
    • History requires a master’s degree in History, a grade of B or higher in a course comparable to the requested course, and three years teaching college level teaching.
    • English requires a master’s degree in English and graduate coursework in the teaching of writing comparable to the course requested.
    • Spanish requires a master’s degree in Spanish, Linguistics, or Teaching Languages with at least 18 graduate credit hours in Spanish.
    • French requires a master’s degree in French, Linguistics, or Teaching Languages with at least 18 graduate credit hours in French.
  • Below is a list of courses for which we are currently accepting applications along with their requirements:
CS152Introduction to Python Programming Ph.D. or Master's in Computer Science or Information Systems (or in related field) from an accredited school AND received graduate credit with a grade of B or better in the course applied to teach, OR one year work experience in subject material of course applied to teach. Indication of knowledge of the Python language is a must.
CS330Principles of Mobile Development Master's or Ph.D. level degree in the discipline (CS or IS) or in a related discipline (MBA, etc.) from an accredited school AND  Received graduate credit with a grade of B or better in the course applied to teach, OR one year work experience in subject material of course applied to teach.


All instructors will go through an approval process, on a course by course basis, to be completed by the Program Coordinator of the academic department in which they wish to teach.  Program Coordinators from each academic department review transcripts, course justifications, and evidence of teaching success to determine course approvals.  After you have been approved to teach online, you will be placed on a waiting list for all the courses you are approved to teach.  Please note that the University does not guarantee any current nor potential adjuncts future appointments and makes these decisions on a term by term basis.  The University appoints adjuncts based upon a variety of factors with an emphasis on the needs of our students.  Based on operational needs of the University, your Park ID may be removed from the waitlist at any time without notification.


If you are already approved to teach courses at Park, please fill out the Course Justification Form for up to 5 of the currently posted courses that you wish to apply for, provided that you meet the minimum requirements above. Be sure to include your Park ID on the form. Email the completed form back to

If you have never taught for Park, please fill out the Online Faculty Application Packet selecting up to 5 of the currently posted courses that you would like to be considered. You must meet the minimum requirements for the course to be eligible to apply and a separate justification form must be submitted for each course. Email the entire packed to . If you are a Park Graduate you should include your Park ID, all others will leave this field blank.

Graduate level instructors must hold a terminal degree in the same field or discipline in which they are going to teach.  Exception to the terminal degree requirement may be made by the Graduate Program Director based on other exceptional or equivalent educational and professional experiences. If you would like to teach at the graduate level please contact the appropriate graduate school by clicking here.

Thank you for your interest in Park University’s Online Programs!

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