Social Work Education at Park University

Learning Outcomes

The BSW Program at Park University is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) through the year 2018. The CSWE assesses social work programs around how successful students have been in learning and applying the ten competencies of social work practice (CSWE, 2008).

The ten competencies are:

  1. To identify with the social work profession and conduct oneself in a respectful, collegial and accountable manner.
  2. To practice in a manner that reflects social work’s code of ethics.
  3. To exhibit skills in critical thinking.
  4. To appreciate diversity and difference.
  5. To consider issues of social and economic justice in all aspects of their work.
  6. To recognize how social work practice is influenced by social contexts.
  7. To become a practitioner/researcher and a researcher/practitioner.
  8. To understand and apply multiple theories of Human Behavior in the Social environment.
  9. To understand the impact of social welfare policy and to become engaged as a “policy practitioner.”
  10. To demonstrate skills in A) Engagement; B) Assessment; C) Intervention; and D) Evaluation.

The substantive, conceptual knowledge that is learned in each social work course is assessed by the instructor through multiple methods such as class interaction and participation, student presentations, achievement on written or oral examinations and writing assignments such as reflection papers and formal term papers. 

Ultimately, however, each student who graduates must demonstrate attainment of the ten competencies learned across the curriculum. It is this overall assessment that is reported to the CSWE regarding every graduate’s attainment of the ten competencies.

The BSW Program gathers and analyzes data in order to assess student attainment of the competencies