Tuition Rates 2019-2020

Undergraduate - Parkville$415/cr. hr. *
Undergraduate - Gilbert, Online and Campus Center$415/cr. hr.
Students may qualify for one of the following undergraduate tuition rates:
Active Duty and Active Duty Dependents$250/cr. hr. *
Reservists and National Guard$250/cr. hr. *
Veterans and Veteran Dependents Using Ch. 33 or 35 Benefits$360/cr. hr. *
Dependents of Reservists and National Guard$360/cr. hr. *
Federal Employees, Spouses and Their Legal Dependents$360/cr. hr. *
* Rates also apply to nursing courses.
Graduate Tuition$580/cr. hr.
Students may qualify for one of the following graduate tuition rates:
Active Duty, Active Duty Dependents$420/cr. hr.
Reservists and National Guard$420/cr. hr.
Veterans and Veteran Dependents using Chapters 33 or 35 benefits$510/cr. hr.
Dependents of Reservists and National Guard$510/cr. hr.
Federal Employees, spouses and their legal dependents$510/cr. hr.
Applied Music$600/cr. hr.
Parkville Room and Laundry Fee (per semester)
Chesnut HallSingle $2,830/
Double $1,780
Copley QuadSingle $3,900/
Double $2,390
Board Fee (per semester)All Access $1,850/
Block Plans $1,600
Guaranteed Room Deposit (payable upon acceptance)$100

* Some individual courses carry a course fee. These courses are designated by “$” on schedules. 
** Applies to all F-1 international students. For international student athletes, the cost is $1,014 for 6 months, as it also provides coverage for accidents and sicknesses that occur while participating in intercollegiate sports. Cost of Student Health Insurance is subject to change without notice.

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