FAFSA and financial aid

FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), is the form that determines your financial aid from the state, government and Park University.  The form collects personal and financial information from students and parents for dependent students. The information is applied to a formula to determine your Expected Family Contribution (EFC).  The FAFSA application reviews each student applicant for both grants and loans with one application.

FAFSA for the 2022-23 academic year

  • February 1st – Priority Deadline for Missouri Residents
  • March 1st – Non-Missouri Residents

Students are responsible for reviewing their Park University email for information regarding their financial aid status. We strive to communicate effectively on what documents are needed to complete the award or any changes to an existing award. Students with a FAFSA on file can log into the Financial Aid portal to submit documents, check their status, or view and accept financial aid offers.

Your attention is required on all financial aid notifications to ensure there are no delays in confirmation, book vouchers and/or meeting billing due dates.


Complete the Free Student Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
*Do not send your tax information unless it is requested.

Park’s FAFSA code: 002498

Apply for Financial Aid

Federal Grants

Federal Pell Grants are awarded to undergraduate students with exceptional financial need as determined by the FAFSA application and have not yet earned a bachelor’s, graduate, or professional degree.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) is awarded to undergraduate students who have exceptional financial needs and who have not yet earned a bachelors degree, graduate or professional degree. Federal pell grant recipients receive priority.  FSEOG funds are limited and not all eligible students will receive funding.

Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH)

  • For graduate students who are enrolled in programs designed to prepare them to teach in an in-demand field at the elementary/secondary school level, you must agree to serve for a minimum of four years (within eight years of completing or ceasing enrollment in the program for which the student received the grant funds) as a full-time teacher in a school or educational service agency that serves low-income students.
  • Students must attend a participating school and meet certain academic requirements.
  • Failure to complete the teaching service commitment will result in the grant being converted to a Direct Unsubsidized Loan that must be repaid.

Student LOANS

Apply for student loans:

  1. Complete Your MPN (Master Promissory Note) at Direct Loans
  2. Complete an Entrance Interview
  3. Complete the Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment | Federal Student Aid
  4. Exit Counseling
  5. Student Loan Repayment Options
  6. Avoiding Default


Students, who receive more in financial aid than the charges on their student account, may receive a refund. In cases of a refund, students should complete a Direct Deposit form. Further instructions may be provided if a student is awarded a scholarship that is in conflict with a refund. (i.e.: Kansas City Scholars)


Any financial aid award is subject to review based on assistance received from outside sources. All sources of aid, with the exception of VA benefits, are regarded as estimated financial assistance and must be included in the financial aid award.



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