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All international F-1 status students are required to purchase ISP Student Health Insurance. Information on that insurance is available at this site: http://info.visit-aci.com/park/.
You will pay for that insurance when you pay for classes.
Park University no longer accepts waivers for other health insurance for international F-1 students. International F1 students are required to purchase the ISP Student Health Insurance.
After payment - you will get a copy of the insurance card in the mail. You can also print a copy of your insurance card from the ISP Park University website: http://info.visit-aci.com/park/

As you are aware – all citizens of the United States are required to have health insurance. We encourage you to check the Healthcare Marketplace at: https://www.healthcare.gov/ to review the options and purchase insurance.

If you need assistance with applying or paying for health insurance, please utilize resources available through the Samuel Rogers Health Center:

825 Euclid Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64124
Fax: 816-889-1888

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