Past Opportunities

Literacy Academy 
August 2, 2014 - May 15, 2015
The district-wide implementation of Units of Study for Reading and Writing are underway.  The Units of Study that were written and revised are now being implemented with fidelity as Grain Valley’s guaranteed and viable curriculum.  This course will focus on the revisions of each unit based on teacher feedback and new learnings.  Student anchor papers will be established for each unit providing annotations indicating alignment with specific teaching points in the unit showing 4, 3, 2, and 1 models.  These anchor papers and revised units will reflect the Grain Valley philosophy that our curriculum is informed and “living” based in the most current research and beliefs.  This course would be offered for 22 teachers in the district with a variety in background with experience.  This feedback will serve as a source of professional development for our teachers regarding current assessment practices, developmentally appropriate writing skills and concepts, and instructional strategies aligned to rigorous lesson plans.

New Teacher Program 2014 - 2015
June 10 - June 11
July 21 - July 25
July 28 - August 1 
This year’s reboot camp is taking on a whole new look based on teacher input from the district needs assessment survey and the Standards Assessment Inventory (SAI2 from Learning Forward organization). An entire week has been added (plus two sessions in June) to accommodate vacations and school activities “dead week” - sessions will be spread out (and some repeated) over ten days between July 21 and August 1. Presenters have been recruited to lead sessions on topics ranging from basic teaching pedagogy from the new district teacher evaluation model to specific district instructional programs. Notice in the “Other Information” section sessions with option for graduate-level college credit through Park University at a reduced rate. There is something for everyone! Take a look! *Session locations will be updated after enrollment numbers are finalized and rooms are secured. 

October 2014
Center to Advance The Study of Loss – Park University
Compassion in Disease Dialogue and Death Notification
This is an opportunity to gain knowledge of, and strategies for, using considerate truth-telling throughout a person’s disease journey, as well as compassion in death notification. The day includes a story of the tragic circumstances surrounding the death of a young adult and the delivery of the news to the family in a hospital setting, as told by Dr. Walker. Next, Dr. Festa brings his experience and recommendations for sharing news of a death in a compassionate way. Dr. Anderson will present the keynote address, describing the disease dialogue concept and how to utilize a positive approach for communication in hospice, palliative care and other settings. Dr. Hilliker will facilitate the agenda and briefly discuss current research on the day’s topic.

Grain Valley School District
Literacy Academy 2014 Summer Institute
The district-selected Units of Study resources will serve as the foundation in the process to create Grain Valley District ELA Units of Study.

Harrisonville School District
Reboot 2014 - Professional Learning Without Limits
Presenters were recruited to lead sessions on topics ranging from basic teaching pedagogy from the new district teacher evaluation model to specific district instructional programs.

2014 Summer Exchange Programs
Chinese Visiting Teacher Education Certificate Program
Chinese Visiting Student Summer Camp
The training provided instruction in two areas: American Culture and Language and Foundation of English as a Second Language. Course participants received language and culture instructions, teaching methodology, and applied theory.

SkillsUSA – 50th annual National Leadership and Skills conference
Kansas City, MO June 23 – 27, 2014
Park University collaborated with SkillsUSA to provide Advance College Credit to contestants at the 50th annual National Leadership and Skills conference.

Spring 2014
Center to Advance The Study of Loss – Park University
When Words Are Too Painful To Speak: Writing Our Loss Stories 
There are some losses that seem too painful to talk about. We may pride ourselves for making it through another day without acknowledging the deep pain we feel. Yet, somewhere inside, we know that we are not working through the pain of loss in a healthy fashion. Some of us may even experience distance from people close to us as they tire of hearing the painful depth of loss and fear we may not move forward in life. This group will create a safe haven where we can explore these losses by learning how to write out our stories and release some of the tension and fear we ourselves may hold. These groups are open to all, young and old, professional and general public, and include loss from employment, from relationships [i.e., divorce, etc.], or from the death of a close other.

October 18, 2013
Center To Advance The Study of Loss – Park University
Unacknowledged Grief of Professionals in End-Of-Life Scenarios: Weighing in on Emotional Boundaries
Is there a professional taboo on grieving when a patient/client dies? If so, what consequences does this have for the professionals and how might it impact the quality of care they provide to others? Emotion management is common among the bereaved and often shared by professionals who care for the dying and their families, as they work through the grief related to losing the people they provide care for. Self-care is preached and taught for those providing end-of-life care and counseling, but is it enough? And is it practiced? We will explore these often unspoken concerns and look at ways in which we can take down emotional walls and support one another by encouraging healthy grieving practices for all. This workshop is designed for professionals involved in end-of-life and bereavement care fields, as well as for students preparing for these respective careers.

March 2013 - Teaching American History Conference

April – May 2013 - ACT prep test program

July-August, 2013
Common Core: Participants increased understanding on how to begin the school year ready to provide quality instruction, as well as leadership for colleagues around the common core state standards.

Writing-Common Core: Participants developed specific grade level units based on the three types of writing presented in the Common Core State Standards.

Special Topics - Assessment and Grading #101: Participants developed a plan for setting learning goals for student achievement which will provide students with clear targets for their learning.

Content Area Literacy: Grades K-6 Content Area Literacy: Grades 6-12
These courses were designed to build a foundation for the meaningful incorporation of literacy strategies in content-area instruction.

Chinese Visiting Teacher Education Certificate Program
Chinese Visiting Student Summer Camp

Professional Development

Wine Tasting – Personal Enrichment Series

Kansas City Leadership Academy
In collaboration with the Hauptmann School of Public Affairs the Kansas City Leadership Academy provided leadership education, both academic and experiential for 20 young professionals, each receiving CEU’s

American Business Women’s Association Conference
264 Participants received CEU certificates

Basic Facility Security Awareness Training
The goal of security awareness is to provide the business community with the basic security information they need to know while performing their job functions. Community Base organizations and Bank Executives attended.

Global Business Seminar
International Business Protocol, Diplomacy & Cross-Cultural Applications held at the Mexican Consulate in Kansas City, MO. This event was attended by Sporting Innovations, Overland Park Economic Development Council, Clay County Health Department, Black & Veatch, City of Kansas City, MO, and InterMark 3, Inc.