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More Scholarship Tips

Students should also do general searches on the internet. American citizens of Italian decent may apply for scholarships through the Italian American Association. Applicants should do general searches on the internet to see if there is an organization related to their heritage and see if they give scholarships. The American Cancer Society gives scholarships to young cancer survivors. If a student has a health situation, see if there is an organization related to it and see if they give any educational incentives. Members of religious organizations should check with their church, synagogue, mosque, etc.

Students should check with their employers and with their parent's employer if they are a dependent. Some businesses include educational funding in their benefits package. Also some students may be eligible for funding if they had a parent in the military (see page 70 of the Park University Undergraduate Catalog).

Students should also look for organizations on the web associated with their major to see if those organizations give scholarships. Criminal Justice majors would search for law enforcement associations at the national, state and local levels. Accounting majors should look at websites for organizations such as the National Society of Accountants.

Dependents of active duty Air Force should apply for the Air Force Aid Society/General Hap Arnold Grant. Dependents of Navy and Marine active duty members should apply for the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society's VADM E/P/ Travers Scholarship. Inquiries for both should be directed to ACT at 1-800-205-6372.

Many large corporations give scholarships. Check the websites of automobile manufacturers, soft drink corporations and large restaurant chains to see if they have any additional awards. It is a good idea to start looking in the Fall for the next year's award. The Missouri Retired Teachers Association's scholarship application deadline is in December for awards that will not be given out until the following Fall.