External Scholarship

The following scholarships are not affiliated with Park University. While many of our students have been awarded these scholarships, our Financial Aid office does determine eligibility and is not involved in the award process. Students should use their own discretion when deciding whether to apply.

Air Force Aid Society
For Dependents of active members of the Air Force. Contact Air Force Aid Society at 800-429-9475.

Bright Flight Scholarship Program
Must be a high school senior to apply. Must be full-time enrolled and a Missouri resident and rank in top 3% ACT or SAT.

Military Enlisted Spouses’ Club
For Military Dependents – For more information contact the Enlisted Spouses Club at your military installation.

Military Family Scholarship
Dependent of Military Member and given only to students on military campuses. Only for students admitted in last year.

National Military Family Association
For military spouses NMFA awards can be used for a variety of educational and employment pursuits. Scholarship funds on average are $1,000 and can be used towards degrees, certifications, licensure, clinical supervision for mental health licensure, CEUs, business expenses and more! Any spouse with a valid military ID is eligible. 

NMFA Website

Navy-Marine Travers Scholarship
For Dependents of active or retired members of the Navy or Marine Corp. Contact Navy-Marine Corp. Relief Society. 703-696-4960.

Officers’ Spouses Club Scholarship
For Military Dependents – For more information contact the Officers’ Spouses Club at your military installation.

Park Hill School District Scholarship
Seniors attending the Park Hill High School District who demonstrated academic ability and perseverance while completing H.S. course work. Contact P.H. School District Ed. Foundation.

Peace Studies Scholarship
One Class/One Semester
Offered by PeaceWorks in Kansas City. Criteria is as follows: Is a Peace Studies minor candidate with an overall 2.50 GPA; Willing to take part in a peace & justice project mutually agreed upon with P.W.; Has Financial Need as demonstrated by the FAFSA application and demonstrates a genuine interest in the peace & justice movement.

Presbyterian Grant
Students making application should request the Pastor, Clerk of Session or Director of Christian Ed. from their church write a letter of recommendation for use in applying for the grant. Has Financial Need as demonstrated by the FAFSA application.

UPS Foundation Scholarship
For an Outstanding student involved in extra activities

Veteran’s Administration Benefits
Students who establish eligibility may enroll at Park with assistance from Veterans Administration Benefits, Disabled Veteran Benefits and War Orphan Benefits.

Academic scholarships cannot be combined with other Park University scholarships and grants. The highest award will be applied.

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