Continuing Education Opportunities

Park University is committed to providing a wide variety of opportunities for all learners.

Current Opportunities


SP logoPark University is proud to be a supporter and provider of graduate credit for Science Pioneers Teacherline program, which offers teachers, educators and after-school providers two ways to complete high-quality, standards-based courses through fun and flexible professional development opportunities.

Science Pioneers provides the coursework, Park University provides the graduate credit, and educators gain practical strategies, content and resources for the classroom.


PreK-12 Coursework Areas

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Math
  • Instructional Strategies
  • NGSS

Visit the Science Pioneers website for information on upcoming courses.

Enroll directly through Science Pioneers to view course options at and follow the Park University graduate link to register for Credit. 

Course 001 –  Identification, Collection, and Preservation of Digital Forensic Evidence

Dr. Fred Cohen and Dr. Tom Johnson

This course addresses identification, collection, and preservation of digital evidence. It introduces many techniques and includes practical examples and activities.


NS 10- Future Issues and Global Trends in National Security and Intelligence

Dr. Thomas A. Johnson; Dr. Fred Cohen

This course focuses on future issues in national security on a global basis. It includes issues ranging from climate change to demographic changes, migration patterns, catastrophic events, globalization, and a wide range of other issues impacting National Security and Intelligence.


The Nonfiction Writers Intensive (NWI) is a workshop series collaboration between Park University’s Watson Literacy Center and The Little Fig. The NWI’s purpose is to build a collection of career pathway success stories that showcase subjects of cultural, linguistic, ethnic, and gender diversity. NWI will help authors craft biographical stories that are noteworthy but have yet to be told.

More about the program

Park University is excited to announce that we have partnered with ed2go to provide hundreds of high-quality non-credit continuing education courses. Each course is design to expand your knowledge and understanding of specific topics relevant for today’s workplace. Park University is proud to offer classes that are affordable, engaging and interactive.

Visit Ed2Go

Take Courses Online or at Union Station in Kansas City

Online – 12.5 Hours

Face-to-Face – 4.25 Hours

  • Each course lasts one month and is composed of online readings, tutorials, discussion, videos, webquests and a variety of other resources.


  • Online $60 for a 12.5-hour online course
  • Face-to-Face $20 for a  4.25-hour
  • Teachers must take three 4.25-hour courses of their choice throughout the year and create an original lesson plan for each course (for a total of 3) to earn one graduate credit hour.
  • Each course is payable to Science Pioneers
  • Graduate credit is $65 per credit hour and is payable to Baker University. (Once you enroll in the Science Pioneers course, you have the option within the course to sign up for graduate credit.)
  • Science Pioneers Teacherline cost $60 (1 online course or 3 face-to-face courses)
  • Graduate Credit Park University $70.00 per graduate Credit

To Receive Park University Graduate Credit

To receive graduate credit, 12.5 hours of dedicated online woman at tablework and complete weekly lesson plan based on the topic of that particular week are required. All lesson plans within the class will be shared with other students enrolled.

Please note: In order to receive graduate credit from Park University you must send your payment.


Park University is committed to providing a wide variety of opportunities for all learners. At Park University, where quality matters, we extend our teaching resources beyond traditional programs. Through credit courses, non-credit courses, workshops and conferences. Park University recognizes that continuing education is important for the economic growth of our Nation.


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