e-Learning, A program for k-12 Teachers

From the Schoolhouse to Their House: A new playbook for teaching & learning

Initial Kick Off is January 25, 2021

The Park University Professional Education Program is a four-week blended program designed by educators (K-12, higher ed. & instructional designers) to help in the transition to eLearning.  Park University has a long and rich history in designing and delivering online learning courses around the world.  Taking our experience coupled with the expertise of K-12 educators who are on the frontline in this new world of Internet learning, the workshop will include modules to assist you in navigating numerous bits of information and practice coming your way to ensure effective teaching for today and the future.

We will serve as a clearinghouse and resource over the next four weeks and beyond.  Park University is committed to supporting this transition while learning how to best serve you through the process of collaboration and conversation.  Modules/Units will include communication tips, resources & tools for learning, weekly expert panel via Zoom and show & tell discussion.  The modules are blended with expert panels and show & tell discussions occur weekly.  The workshop is designed for flexibility to meet your needs.


“The most effective, successful professionals are constantly learning, they take the time to apply what they have learned, and they continually work to improve themselves.” Joel Gardner, PhD

Program  Highlights:

  • New Panel Experts
  • Unique weekly experiences-no session is the same
  • Resources and Tools for your toolkit to use immediately in your classes
  • Interactive conversation and idea sharing
  • Participants may take the program for credit or not for credit

Topics Include:

  • Tools for Transition
  • Bringing Balance: In-Person and Online Learning
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Deep Dive – Planning Forward

Initial Kick Off is January 25, 2021

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